Saved by Coworking Spaces: Are You Lonely Working Alone?

The advent of remote working led to a newfound freedom for the working class. Gone are the days where you go through the cycle of 9-to-5s thinking about traveling or doing something you like. With time flexibility, location-independence, a decent WIFI connection, and your trusty laptop, now you can!


But then, there are numerous misconceptions in remote working. It’s not all “happiness” in the virtual workplace.


As social beings, we crave for human interaction. Unless we find the technology to project a hologram of our bodies and really meet people virtually, you will inevitably feel alone.


I mean. Who are you with right now? Yep. Working with just yourself.


Loneliness as a Mental Health Issue

Loneliness as a Mental Health Issue

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And this state of loneliness can take a toll on every person. You might find it harmless, but science found out numerous health perils of loneliness. Prolonged loneliness can cause you high blood pressure, sleep deprivation, stress, and many more.


But worry not. If you are seeking social interaction, coworking spaces might be the answer to your aloneness.


Coworking Spaces?


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If you don’t know, co-working spaces are office spaces that are shared with other people. Think, people from different backgrounds, companies, and countries using one workspace for their tasks at hand.


Most coworking spaces provide the WiFi connection, cozy interiors, and even snacks and coffee for your break time. Most also have quiet areas and meeting rooms for you or your team’s usage (if you’re with any).


Happiness in Community Building


But then, most freelancers avail of coworking spaces more than just the facilities. It’s ultimately to keep them from getting lonely. On a study posted in Harvard Business Review, they found out that:

  • 87% of respondents report that they meet other members for social reasons, with 54% saying they socialize with other members after work and/or on weekends
  • 79% said coworking has expanded their social networks
  • 83% report that they are less lonely since joining a coworking space
  • 89% report that they are happier since joining a coworking space

This goes to show that coworking spaces provide a compromise. We have location-independence. We can choose when to work. After going to the gym perhaps? While still having a community that we can interact with after “work hours”.


Business Networking

Business Networking

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In business, it is not what you know but who you know that counts. And yes, your freelancing work should be considered a business.


The different occupations and backgrounds in just one place provide “chance encounters”. Your coworking community might provide you your next big client or a sudden idea to finally propel your business forward. And you might willingly give help to them as well.


Because most of you are independent companies from different industries, most likely, the sense of “competing for that promotion” or that “they might steal our trade secret notion” is not present. With this out the window, you can genuinely help others the best way you can.




Ironically, so much technology but so much disconnectedness. With coworking spaces, our loneliness would definitely lessen. After all, coworking by the beach with a community of like-minded digital nomads, what more can you ask for?

Leandro Eclipse

Leandro Eclipse is an entrepreneur who loves to travel. He believes in building multiple Location-Independent Sources of Income. Because if you are going to work anyway, might as well do it while exploring the world. Self-proclaimed foodie and tech geek. Follow him on IG @mikoeclipse.


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