Safeguards and Guidelines: Can You Be Friends With Your Boss?

Being together for 9 hours every day, it is inevitable to be friends with your co-workers. Friends are integral to one’s life. We are social creatures. You need to constantly connect with people to affirm yourself, to support you, and to battle loneliness.


But there is one creature we should be warned off, should we be friends with our boss? I mean, s/he can grant our promotions. And at the same, s/he can ultimately fire us. It’s risky.


If you decide to take the risk, these are safeguards and guidelines to help you be friends with your boss.


Remember, S/He is your Boss!


Now that you have a budding friendship, it is important to still think that s/he is your boss. Think that s/he is your superior first before your friend.


Apply a certain degree of censorship and personal control. Unlike when you’re with your other friends, you don’t get all wasted and drunk in front of your superiors, right?


Set Boundaries

Set Boundaries

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Next, clearly set boundaries. It is hard not to talk about work when hanging out. But in case you do, you should set limits on the topics that can be discussed.


You should not talk about compensation, office politics, and performance reviews. This is not the time to reveal that circulating gossip about your coworkers’ money problems or late-night party syndrome.


This is not only for you guys. Even if unintentionally, this will keep you from planting seeds of doubt against your other workmates.


Do Not Flaunt Your Friendship in the Office and in Social Media


You don’t want to be that guy who is branded as a suck up. Do not flaunt your friendship in the office. Just act normal.


Also, avoid posting on Social Media with your boss. It is just human nature to be envious. You want to prevent people from feeling this. After all, jealousy leads people to do stupid things.


Even if you don’t care about what other people may think or do, you don’t need this extra drama. Save yourself the emotional anguish.


Be Emotionally Mature

Be Emotionally Mature

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For this friendship to work, you should be emotionally mature. Friendships have both ups and downs. It is important to separate your friendship from your work.


For example, you entered into an argument because s/he ditched you for something important at the last minute. You don’t get vindictive and ditch your 9 AM meeting to spite him. Have a professional attitude.


No Special Treatment

No Special Treatment

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Do not expect special treatment. Do not manipulate your friendship to get that promotion. If you want to brave through office politics, you should be treated the same way as s/he treats your other coworkers.


Remember human jealousy?  So no extra favors. Follow normal company protocol.




Being friends with your boss is definitely hard. But it is harder to find a trusted true friend in this life. So if your boss might be one, all these complications are truly worth it. Good luck!

Leandro Eclipse

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