Rooting for Miss RemitAU 2018: Getting to Know Our Miss Mutya ng Pilpinas Australia, Jade Roberts

It is the time again to celebrate Filipina beauty in the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2018. 50 candidates from different regions and select Filipino communities around the world will battle it out for the crown.


And this year is special because it’s the 50th Anniversary of this prestigious organization. Four Filipina beauty queens will be crowned to flaunt our elegance and grace in renowned global competitions:

  • Mutya ng Pilipinas – Miss Asia Pacific International

  • Mutya ng Pilipinas – Miss Tourism International 2018

  • Mutya ng Pilipinas – Miss Global Beauty Queen

  • Mutya ng Pilipinas – Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International


Out of the fifty, who are you rooting for the coronation night this September 14, Sunday? We got the chance to interview our very own Miss Mutya ng Pilipinas Australia, Jade Roberts. Competing with the tag “candidate #1”, and she might be the smart and alluring Filipina beauty you will vie for.


Tell me your pageant story. How did you first start?

  Tell me your pageant story. How did you first start?  

I first joined pageants because I was asked by a family friend to join a local pageant in Perth, Australia to help fundraise for the biannual Filipino Community Council of Australia conference. It’s for the betterment of Filipinos living in Australia.


From that small local pageant, I was scouted to compete in more prestigious beauty pageants such as Mutya ng Australia. And now I’m proud to say I am part of the Golden Mutya edition.


Joining this competition is definitely hard work. How did you prepare for Mutya ng Pilipinas?


Part of my preparation is having a healthy food lifestyle and eating foods to improve my strength, immunity and overall health.


Also, I have been keeping up to date with the current events by reading newspapers and media sites on the Internet. I have also trained with KF (Kagandahang Flores) beauty pageant camp working on my “rampa” technique.


Being in a pageant can be very tiring and challenging physically, mentally and emotionally. So I strive to perform at my very best.


Beauty and Brains! But we want to know, who is Jade Roberts outside the Pageant World?

Beauty and Brains! But we want to know, who is Jade Roberts outside the Pageant World_

Image Credit: jadeyskye


When I’m not competing in pageants I am working as a flight attendant for the national carrier of Australia. My hobbies include singing, dancing, and being a foodie. I really love to eat food especially food that tastes good and that is also good for you.


Otherwise, I am at home being a family carer. I work at home to assist them through their physical needs in everyday activities.


Singing, Dancing, and Food! That is very Filipino. Speaking off, tell me more about your Family.

Singing, Dancing, and Food! That is very Filipino. Speaking off, tell me more about your Family

Image Credit: jadeyskye


I am very close to my family and we do everything together. They are actually coming to Manila to watch the pageant even though the journey will be tough on them physically.


My mother, originally from Cebu and Bohol, migrated to Australia almost 25 years ago to live in Australia with my British Australian father.


Even though I was born and raised in Australia, I have adopted many of the Filipino values through the upbringing of my Filipino family.


It’s good that you have close ties even when you grew up abroad. Not all foreign Filipino families have this tight bond. How about with your community, what’s it like growing as a Filipino in Australia?


I have been very blessed to grow up in Australia with so many opportunities to succeed to the best of my ability. As a Filipino Australian, I find that we, as a Filipino community, remain close to one another especially those who are new to the country as an overseas worker.


We share many events and fiestas together to preserve our culture and adapt to the best of the Philippines and Australian values.


Did you have problems with discrimination because of your race?


Having a mixed race in Australia is very common because it is a diverse multicultural country with many different ethnicities. I believe Australia is a great country to migrate to for this reason especially for Filipinos because of the proximity to the Philippines and its economic benefits.


How did your Filipino Heritage influence you as you grew up?

  How did your Filipino Heritage influence you as you grew up_  

My Filipino heritage has influenced me to appreciate the things that I do have rather than what I don’t have. To be content and happy with my life and be humble and respectful to others.


The Filipinos really inspire me with their resilience and courage through the many challenges they face as a country yet they show so much compassion for others. That is why I am so proud that I am half Filipina.


Let’s talk about your love life. Describe your ideal partner.


My ideal partner is someone who supports me in everything I do. To be my courage and strength in challenging times. Someone who will see the positive in life and bring joy and love into my life.


And of course, something that I would find irresistible in an ideal partner would be to have the ability to cook good food. Just like the saying goes “the way to a man’s heart is through their stomach”. Well, it’s the same for me.


Perfect! I really like good food also! But in a more serious note, what is your biggest advocacy?


My advocacy is the empowerment of our youth. Currently, I am working together with the Filipino Community Council of Australia to promote the empowerment, confidence, and personal development for our youth.


I am focusing on issues of body image, sexual orientation, and public speaking skills. I want to empower them for greatness regardless of who they think they are as of the moment.


Specifically, I want to give a voice to our youth to be not only leaders of tomorrow but to also be leaders of today.


That’s a great advocacy! Many people are aspiring to also reach their dreams like you have. What advice can you give them?


The advice I would give to others who are aspiring to achieve their dreams is to give it your all. If it is your dream to be a beauty queen, work hard for it and make it a reality.


The best thing to do is be the best version of yourself in everything you do and your inner beauty will shine through. And that alone will make a beauty queen whether you are in a pageant or not.


What’s next for Jade Roberts after the pageant?


After the pageant, my focus will be on the upcoming youth summit held in Australia to ensure a successful and meaningful event for our attendees. Also, who knows, I may be back to the Philippines again soon to peruse other projects.


We are sending our love and support to you Jade Roberts! Good luck!


If you want to know more about Jade Roberts, just follow her Facebook page and Instagram account for updates. Cheers!

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