Rey’s Place: A Modern Filipino Restaurant in Sydney


As a Filipino, food has always been a part of our culture. We love to cook dishes for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, fiestas, etc. And just like what others say, cooking runs in our blood.


That’s why it’s not a surprise that many Filipinos are into the food industry business. But our love for food doesn’t end within our country, there are Filipinos who transforms our delicious dishes and brought them to other countries.


Just like the famous Rey’s place, the first modern Filipino restaurant in Sydney, Australia that serves classic Filipino dishes with a twist. But before visiting this classy restaurant, we’ve listed the things that you should know about Rey’s Place.




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Rey’s Place, a first modern Filipino restaurant that serves traditional Filipino dishes with innovative touches.


Besides the amazing food, they serve local craft beer, international wines and Filipino inspired cocktails. If you want a perfect date night, dinner with friends and family, or even book the whole venue for larger occasions, Rey’s Place is the best for you. 




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Before the owner, Jonathan Bayad opened Rey’s Place he has doubts about how Western diners will receive Filipino cuisine. Fortunately, this didn’t stop him to step up and present modern Filipino dishes that have true traditional flavors.


In Rey’s Place, they make sure that the Lechon or suckling pig is roasted slowly to make the skin extra crunchy. It is served with Lechon sarsa, a sauce made of vinegar, onion, chili, garlic and brown sugar. The charred chicken livers give the sauce richness and thick consistency.


Even though some Western diners are not familiar with Filipino dishes, Rey’s Place has attracted diners because of the good ambiance, the smell of delicious food, and the warm welcome from its owner, Jonathan Bayad.


Their goal is to make everybody feel at home with their good food and homey ambiance, and that’s what makes it stand out to other restaurants.




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Of course, diners love almost all of their appetizing dishes but we’ve listed the most recommended dishes that you must try when visiting Rey’s Place. 


Inihaw na Pusit $26 (Large serving)

BBQ baby squid stuffed with onion, tomato, shallots served with kale Laing


Lechon $16

Slow-roasted pork with crispy skin and dipping sauce, steamed rice, atchara.


Chicken Adobo $14

Soy, vinegar and garlic chicken with potatoes, sweet onion and soy cured egg


Turon with Ube $13

Banana spring roll with Ube parfait, Calamansi sauce, and jackfruit


For more exciting dishes, visit their website or like their Facebook page


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