Revised Anti-Distracted Driving Act: What You Need to Know


Remember May 23, 2017? Republic Act 10913 or The Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA) was fully implemented. The law ensures the safety of the public against pre-occupied distracted drivers.


Although the intention of the legislation is well-founded, the implementation of the said Act was subjected to so much public scrutiny. The ban of GPS devices, dash cams, and even rosaries above your dashboard stirred public uproar.  I mean, do you really consider your rosary distracting?


This led the Department of Transportation (DOTR) to suspend this act for its much-needed revision.


July 6, 2017: the revised implementing rules are now out. To avoid experiencing the hassles of the new law, here are the changes to look out for starting today.


Mobile Communication Devices and Gadgets

  Mobile Communication Devices and Gadgets  

The Act still prohibits the use of mobile gadgets while driving or in traffic. This includes:

  • Making or Receiving Calls

  • Composing or Reading Text Messages

  • Performing Calculations

  • Playing Games

  • Watching Videos

  • Browsing the Internet

  • Similar Acts Above


With regard to navigation applications, it is now allowed provided you use its hands-free functions and it was set before driving.


Also, calls made and received through speaker and earphones are allowed. The rule is, as long as you don’t use it with your hand, it’s allowed. Try asking Siri for some assistance.


The Dashboard Conundrum

  Anti-Distracted Driving Act Dashboard Safe Zone  

Now the most sensationalized dilemma of every Filipino driving citizen. What can I put on my Dashboard Today?


With the revision, finally, you can put your navigational devices and dash cams above your dashboard.


The threshold is a four-inch safe zone above it. As long as it is within this zone, it is allowed. (At last, space for all your head bobbing puppies.)


Emergency Calls


The law exempts the use of mobile gadgets on certain situations. Reporting accidents and natural calamities or alerting authorities against crime and terrorist activities are absolved of the penalties of this law.


Penalties if Caught

Penalties if Caught

Image Credit: ABS-CBN News


Speaking of penalties. The infractors will be fined by DOTR depending on successive offenses.

  • First Offense will be fined P5,000.

  • Second Offense for P10,000.

  • Third Offense for P15,000 and 3-month Suspension of Driver’s License

  • Fourth Offense for P20,000 and revocation of license.


With its no contact apprehension policy, the MMDA will monitor the public using their high-definition cameras. But, MMDA officers can catch offenders when obviously caught red handed.


What’s important to remember is that you can be fined multiple offenses in a day if found culpable. To be sure, just follow their guidelines.


To End


With the more coherent implementing rules, let us all adhere to it. It is high time for Filipinos to be more disciplined.


You’ll never know. Foregoing that candy crush level while in traffic might save a person from literally getting crushed.


Drive safe guys!

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