Why Remote Work Is Great for Women

Being a woman in the workplace is hard, Harvey Weinstein levels of harassment notwithstanding (which is awfully sick, by the way).


You constantly need to prove that you’re as good as, if not better, than your male counterparts, and the traditional working schedule isn’t exactly friendly to women who juggle work with tasks like running a house, taking care of children/a husband/sick parents, and well, not letting themselves go (because God forbid that you forget to shave or wax your legs in the midst of all that). Right, ladies?


Seriously speaking, it’s precisely this need that helped contribute to the rise of remote working’s popularity. In a world that is finally beginning to understand and appreciate what empowered women can contribute to society, conventional workplaces that offer little to no autonomy just won’t cut it anymore.


Here’s why flexible remote working arrangements are a win-win set-up for women:


1. There’s no age discrimination.

There’s no age discrimination

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So long as you have the skills and a good Internet connection, you can work remotely and you can create your own schedule. This is ideal for any woman who’s ever had to stop working for a while to raise a family or take care of a sick parent, or even those who are looking to phase into their retirement while still being productive.


Female entrepreneurs who are of a certain age can also take advantage of the relatively low costs that come with outsourcing your labor. Since remote work entails doing away with renting costly office spaces and paying for high overhead, among other things, they’re not hindered by having to hazard a big chunk of their life savings or retirement pension on putting up a business.


2. Productivity doesn’t diminish, regardless of the telecommuting set-up.

Productivity doesn’t diminish, regardless of the telecommuting set-up

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In a traditional workplace, a boss would usually worry about whether his or her employees were doing their jobs if s/he wasn’t around. This often made going on vacations or taking the day off work to see to personal or familial matters rather stressful.


Thanks to the myriad of ways that one can keep tabs on their remote workers without having to be actually present, however, this isn’t really a problem with telecommuting.


Also, as a bonus, those who opt to work remotely are typically self-starters who actually become more productive as they’re allowed more autonomy.


3. It recognizes that flexibility can mean different things for different people, and offers plenty of options to accommodate such.

It recognizes that flexibility can mean different things for different people, and offers plenty of options to accommodate such

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For some people, flexibility is about being able to work when they are most productive, as in the case of night owls and morning larks. It can also mean being able to pick up one’s child at school at 3 pm every day, regardless of their working schedule. In my case, it’s all about the option to move my iRemit work schedule earlier or later depending on the requirements of my day job.


Such is the beauty of remote work: you can actually plan your work schedule around your personal life instead of the other way around. For women whose lives are an endless cycle of cooking, cleaning, and picking up after children and husbands, this is one heck of a lifeline to career fulfillment.


4. Flexibility in telecommuting can help diminish the gender gap.

Flexibility in telecommuting can help diminish the gender gap

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Remote work provides female entrepreneurs with the opportunity to employ and develop female employees without having to worry about how motherhood will affect their schedules and productivity.


This, in turn, can help reduce the gender gap in the work force by amplifying women’s participation and leveling the field when it comes to pay and compensation.


It used to be tacitly understood that a woman could have either a family or a career, never both, but the world has changed drastically since. The advent of remote work not only provided women with the technology to get the best of both worlds, but it also paved the way for an entirely different sort of work culture that encouraged them to still go after their professional goals without having to sacrifice their personal lives.


When women are empowered to succeed, everyone wins.


With telecommuting, we could very well be one step closer to achieving exactly that.


Oh, what a time to be alive indeed.

Serena Estrella

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