Refer a Friend

Please fill out the form below to apply to this referral program. We will get back to you with promo code you can use and give to your friends and family.

What is Refer a Friend?

Every referral you make will gain you an Unli-Send promo reward. Using the unli send promo code, you can enjoy a AUD4 service fee.

The more people that you refer successfully, the greater the reward!

Referer Reward Unli-Send Promo

Please note that only successful referrals will gain you an Unli-Send promo code. Successful referrals are referred clients with atleast 1 successful transaction.

Of course, we will welcome every family, friend, neighboor or co-worker you refer by also giving them discounted service fee rate of AUD6 on their first transaction with us.

You can refer them in 3 easy steps:
  • 1. Click the Refer a Friend button
  • 2. Fill out the referral form and hit the Submit button
  • 3. Wait for the confirmation e-mail. The confirmation email will consist of your unique discounted promo code you can distribute to your network. This promo code will give your network a discounted service fee AUD6/transfer for all service type.

Promo codes for your referred family and friend are only valid for three months after the launch of the said program. So start referring now and imagine the savings you'll get!

What are you waiting for? You can refer as many people in your network and get more rewards!

We look forward for you warm support!