Reasons Why You Should Take a Few Risks from Time to Time


Most people are afraid to take a risk. Well, it’s pretty obvious, taking a risk can either improve us or destroy us. Who wants to make decisions if you can’t guarantee any positive results?


But did you know that taking some risks have lots of benefits to ourselves? It may sound crazy but yes, taking risks from time to time is good for you. Here’s why:


It Opens New Possibilities

Generate New Possibilities

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Once you’ve chosen to take a risk, it will open new possibilities that you didn’t know that was there. For example, you wanted to start a small business but you’re too afraid to take a risk. But then when you decided to grab the opportunity, you learned that you’re good at running a business.


It then opened a lot of doors for you to expand your business and take it to the next step. And it also improved your knowledge and experience. Opportunities don’t come twice so better grab it.


It Helps us Overcome our Fears

Overcome Fears

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Everybody is afraid of losing and that’s the reason why we don’t like to risk. Sometimes we hesitate to make risky decisions because we don’t want to end up at rock bottom.


But being on your lowest point can make you stronger because the only way you have is to go up. And by that, you’ll have the chance to overcome your fear. Hey, you’re just a human, you may fall six times but you’ll stand up seven.


It Gives us Lessons

We learn from risks

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Again, in taking risks, it’s either earning or losing but both will give you lessons. Lessons that you can apply to your everyday life or you can share with your friends and family.


When you’re at your lowest point, it will take time for you to be motivated. You need to figure out things on your own and have the guts to stand up again. Some lessons may not make sense for now but it will in the future.


You Will Always Gain

You Will Always Gain

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Gain what? Of course, the most important thing that you can gain in taking risks is experience. You can improve your knowledge by studying and reading books but you are the sum of your experience.


When you step out of your comfort zone, your experience will be the best teacher and the worst experiences teach the best lessons.


It will help you Stand out

People Who Take Risks Stand out

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Some people wonder why others are not afraid to take some risks. But the truth is all of us are afraid they just know how to handle their fears. That’s what makes them stand out.


They faced their fears and they learned from their experience. Now, they know their strengths and weaknesses because they took a risk.


I’m not saying that we should always take the risk and not think about our decision’s outcome. But having negative thoughts will just hinder us from the great opportunities around us.


In life, there’s no right and wrong decision as long as you can handle it. Even the worst scenario has silver linings you just have to look for the good in every situation.

Samantha Baluyot

Sam joined Remit this 2018. She is a Journalism graduate who loves to see the world in different point of views. Her goal in writing is to inspire her readers to have a better perspective and to live a meaningful life. She may look aloof but she’s a very friendly and a happy-go-lucky person.


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