Quick & Easy Halloween Costumes That You Can Make By Yourself


We are days away from the much awaited event of the year – the Halloween. You are probably tired of spending countless of hours on the Web just to find the perfect outfit for you or your children. Fortunately, here are 10 creative costume ideas that you can do in no time:

1. Costume not found


One of the most annoying web pages that a researcher can encounter is an “Error 404 Page”. Absorb this idea and roll it over to your costume. Is there anything simpler than wearing a plain white tee and writing “Error 404: Costume Not Found” with a permanent marker? Well, I guess not.


2. Colorful jelly beans


Create the sweetest suit of the bunch by letting your child wear a “bag of jelly beans” costume. Raid your garbage bag reservoir and look for a clear one. Cut 4 holes that will fit your child’s arms and legs. Write or print the nutritional facts and place it at the back of the costume.


Colorful balloons will act as the lifesize jellybeans. Fill the bag with the balloons and tie it safely near the neck. Use a red ribbon to secure it.


3. A purple fruit


With the power to be just about anything, you can become a purple fruit. Rock the grapes costume by gathering several purple balloons. Wear a white top and stick these balloons to your clothing. For the leaves, you can draw some from a green construction paper. Wear green accessories to juice up your look!


4. Fashionable fortune-teller

  Fashionable fortune-teller  

If you are a person who fancies bohemian or gypsy fashion, consider dressing up as a fortune-teller for Halloween. Dawn a loose top and a long skirt. Accessorize with a head scarf, a shawl, and lots of shiny golden jewelry. You may also bring a set of tarot cards along.


Walk around the party to create fun (or funny) prophecies for your friends and family!


5. A pun-tastic delinquent


Make an identity theft costume at the last minute by sticking several name tags to your shirt. Begin by searching for a “Hello My Name Is…” template online. Print at least 7 name tags using a sticker paper that retails for about PHP35.75. Then, wear a black top and stick the names of your co-workers or family members all over it.


6. Cheerful squad leader


You need to find the following items to transform to an optimistic cheerleader: pleated skirt, sleeveless top, hair ties, and white sneakers. Finish the look by constructing your own megaphone out of a cardboard or a poster board. Dawn a flashy smile as you embody what it takes to be a squad leader!


7. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

  Breakfast at Tiffany's  

One of my all-time favorite classic movies is the Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Standout from the crowd by decking in a little black dress, black gloves, a delicate tiara, pearl accessories, and black heels. You may choose to bring a cigarette holder like the film’s Holly Golightly.


You cannot go wrong with this iconic character that Audrey Hepburn made popular!


8. Mesmerizing Greek goddess/god


If you dream of being worshiped by the majority, the Greek Goddess or God costume is perfect for you. Wear a white sheet or dress to act as your Toga. Decorate the ensemble with a golden rope or ribbon. Add some golden jewelry to amp up the look.


Stand strong and exude the confidence of a ruler!


9.  An elite athlete


Do you remember your school’s sports day or intramurals? Find as many athletic gear and clothing as you can. Decide what you want to be in order to dress as an elite athlete.


Do not hesitate to go all out with the caps, wrist bands, and other props like tennis rackets!


10. The easiest ever


Becoming a “holy ghost” for the occasion is arguably the easiest costume of the list! Use an old bed sheet (i.e., white) and cut some creative holes for your eyes and other parts. Smear a red lipstick on the mouth area and put orange blush on the ghostly cheeks.


The easiest ever


From clever wordplay to iconic movie actress, this list proves that last minute costumes do not have to be lame or boring. It only means that you can use the items that already have at your home to put together a neat outfit in less than an hour.

Anna Agoncillo

Anna is a Registered Psychometrician and a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Earning a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychological Studies, lead her to a career of writing and teaching. She is also the author of the new book entitled Psychology of Love, Money, & Life.


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