Protecting From House Burglary: What Makes Your Home a Target

It might be unfortunate. You went on a vacation to frolic and unwind. You budgeted your way to your much-deserved break. Only to find out that a bigger expense awaits you at home. Your house has been robbed!


You’re sure that you did your due diligence. But why did the robbers choose your house over the many houses in your block? Is it the color of your house? Or your bad feng shui placing? Maybe. Maybe not.


But according to some burglars, these are some signs that make your home a target.


Your House Looks Empty, especially During the Day.


Contrary to movie portrayals, most break-ins happen during the light of day. Yes! When they can actually be seen. They target the morning because no one is usually at home and it makes it easier for them.


Robbers might scour your neighborhood and confirm your routine before they pilfer your abode. They can even try to knock on the door or ring the doorbell to confirm if someone is inside.


But think about it. Even though the robbers have done despicable things, they are still humans. They want to get in and get out with the lowest risk and the highest gains as possible. And if someone is home, they usually leave instantly because they don’t want the hassle.


I hear you. You don’t have to quit your job just to protect your home. Follow the next signs because this might prevent them from targeting forward.


It’s Too Obvious that Your House Have Too Many Valuables.

It's Too Obvious that Your House Have Too Many Valuables

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I mean. It’s nice to flaunt it if you got it. But showing that $5,000 iMac Pro thru the window or that 3 Million Peso ($57,250) 100-inch Flat Screen TV over the clear sliding doors will surely attract kleptomaniacs. Better hide them in sight.


Your garbage can also be a clue for the treasures inside. If you just bought, a new computer or anything valuable, don’t just throw the box outside. Collapse it down properly. If not, they will know the new valuable gadget that can be acquired in your house.


Ultimately, avoid showing expensive stuff they can snatch away from you. This may not stop them. But, at least you’re not the first choice.


You Don’t Lock Your Doors, Garage, and Windows.

You Don't Lock Your Doors, Garage, and Windows.

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Most of the time, burglaries happen without any force used. Most burglars don’t even have tools before they break in.


Our negligence is to be blamed. We might have just allowed them to come in like it was their own house. They just need to open the unlocked door, the unlocked garage or windows.


So don’t forget to lock everything before you leave. If you opened the window for that natural breeze, don’t forget to lock them afterward.


And speaking of windows and breezes, some even advise against window type air conditioners as the crook can easily detach these. If you already have one, try bolting the panels in place to deter the robber from taking it out. You can check this video to guide you.


An Overgrown Lawn and Piles of Mail and Newspaper.

  An Overgrown Lawn and Piles of Mail and Newspaper  

Another obvious sign that you are away is piling mail and newspaper. If you have Mr. Mailbox vomiting so much paper, even I would infer that the house must be empty for a long time already.


Not to mention, if you have a lawn so overgrown, you can catch wild Pokémon in it. It’s a telltale sign. It’s either someone is too lazy doing his/her chores or the fact that no one is actually home. The latter might be obvious.


It’s simple. You can just ask your trusty neighbor to get the mail for you. You can also ask for mowing services while you are away (again with the help of your neighbor). You covered your absence. Problem solved.


Your Neighbor Doesn’t Care About You.

Your Neighbor Doesn't Care About You

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But what if your neighbor doesn’t care about you?


That is a real problem because the best deterrent for theft is caring (and sometimes nosy) neighbors.


Imagine a thief trying to go inside your front door. Your neighbor can just simply ask “Can I help you? Who are you looking for?”


Remember the humanity of these crooks? Most likely, they’ll just walk away and find another block of unsuspecting and uncaring neighbors.


No man is an island. Better befriend the people in yours. Maybe you can build a Neighborhood Crime Watch. Not only does it keep your house protected, you can even get a flourishing social life in return.


You Don’t Have Dogs Who Don’t Like Strangers.


It might be the best push to get that lovable dog. It doesn’t need to be the big one like the Lion-like Tibetan Mastiff. What robbers don’t like are the ones who don’t stop barking at strangers. So that small pup who keeps yapping non-stop is still a good option.


Do Not Leave Your Spare Key Out.

Do Not Leave Your Spare Key Out

Image Credit: Practical Hacks


Leaving your spare key outside might be a good idea, especially for the times you actually forget.


But it’s not surprising that the thieves know where they are hidden. Some are professionals. Apparently, they had numerous break-ins that your stash is a giveaway. So, better keep your spares inside than be sorry.


But all of this can surely be bypassed. We are not 100% protected from the burglars in the neighborhood. But better make it hard for them to at least try, right?

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