Practical and Highly in Demand Remote Working Skills You Can Learn After Work

“After work is what determines your future! – Jack Ma”, a relevant adage for the up-and-coming. The changing economic times suggests the insufficiency of relying solely on just your job. There are a lot of instances of career stagnation; or worse, retrenchments. Gone are the days where the 8 – 5 hustle completely secures our future success.


The market is insanely competitive,  the need to differentiate ourselves is now imperative more than ever. Fortunately, the age of the Internet conceived a plethora of learning resources. With this, I give you three highly in-demand skills you can learn after work and get paid by mastering it.


1. Programming and Web Development

Programming and Web Development

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The Internet intensely simplified communications for the past century. Messages that once travelled across roads and seaways are now just one click a way. As the builders of these “physical bridges” are sought after during those times, the builders of today’s “digital bridges” are not an exemption.


The programmers and web developers are like architects and engineers in this digital pathway; giving them future proof careers.  And to put icing on the cake, there is no limit as to “territory” a digital builder can traverse. A web developer in the Philippines can aim to target a market segment in Australia with just the power of his “code”. (Yes, Something like!).


What’s good about this is that online employers do not even care where you learned your programming. As long as you can do your job, you can get hired.


Some websites to learn this skill can be Code Academy or Udemy.


2. Graphic Design

Graphic Design

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If the programmers are the “digital builders”, the graphic designers are the digital “city planners and landscape specialist” of this era. To become a famous tourist attraction, a city should have a certain level of aesthetics. The Graphic Designer’s job is to make the “address” as appealing to the eye as possible.


Also, certain collaterals such as magazine layouts and brochures are within their repertoire. With the perpetual need of businesses to tap more customers, the demand for the graphic designers is surely at an all-time high.


The best thing is: you don’t need a college degree for these jobs. You just need to prove yourself as someone who is able to deliver the results your client wants. If you have the eye for beauty, or just want to try a creative option, this might be worth your time.


Some websites to learn this skill can be this website or Udemy.


3. Copywriting and Content Writing

  Copywriting and Content Writing  

With all companies clamoring for engagement, writers who can captivate the hearts of their customers are essential for it to prosper. This spells either a missed opportunity or a closed sale (either first time or recurring) for the company. With the owner usually having no time to do such, an opportunity exists for the seeking. A writing job can be an option for you.


Two types of writers emerged from this need: the copywriter and content writer. A Copywriter is someone who writes for the advertising and marketing of a product or service. This manner of writing is intended to be “copied” (hence, the “copy” writer term) and to be spread out to A LOT of potential clients. Their job is to wield their pens and enchant their readers to click and place an order.


On the other hand, a Content Writer is someone who uses his/her arsenal to give light to a certain complicated topic and provide relevant and practical information to the readers. Usually, content writers feature informative articles subjected to a certain target market with subtle advertising of the brand. The writer provides a repository of knowledge to keep them engaged. In return, this creates social media traffic (with the help of Search Engine Optimizations techniques) and creates leads that, ultimately, result in more sales.


Regardless of whether you want to learn one or the other (or better yet BOTH), the art of writing can be a valuable exchange for your time.


Some websites to learn Copywriting can be this; and this for Content Writing.




As with any profession, these skills will be profitable IF AND ONLY IF you master them. Mastery warrants the employers to pay you regardless of where you learned them. What’s good about it is that everyone has an equal chance of landing one. You just have to sacrifice your “me time” after work. Banking on the evolution of technology, these Highly In-demand skills can be, at the very least, sources of additional income; or at best, our ticket to a more successful career.

Leandro Eclipse

Leandro Eclipse is an entrepreneur who loves to travel. He believes in building multiple Location-Independent Sources of Income. Because if you are going to work anyway, might as well do it while exploring the world. Self-proclaimed foodie and tech geek. Follow him on IG @mikoeclipse.


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