Pinoy Migrant Guide: 4 Things You Should Do After Arriving in Australia

Migrating to another country means lots of paper works and tasks. Of course, your first week is not for enjoyment but for applications and adjustments. “What do you need to do?” and “what are the things that you must have?” are often the questions in your mind.


If you’re a Pinoy and chooses to migrate down under, we listed the four important things that you should do right after you arrive in Australia.


Purchase your own sim card

Buy sim cards

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Of course, you’ll need to buy your own sim card as soon as you can. Telstra and Optus are the top providers for Australian-wide mobile coverage. But before buying a sim card, ask people around your area for recommendations. Why?


Some remote parts in Australia have no service. If that’s the case, you need to buy phone cards that can make calls from landlines. Some call cards will let you call home for as little as 1 cent per minute but usually, it will add 50 cent connection fee.


Buy a Pass for Public Transport

Buy a Pass for Public Transport

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Public transport is way cheaper than traveling via cab or Uber. It’s better if you’ll buy a travel pass to get around the city. It will also give you the advantage to tour yourself and familiarize the places in your new home.


Take note that travel pass also depends on your location so make sure that you’ll buy the appropriate pass. 


Get your Tax File Number (TFN)

Get your Tax File Number (TFN)

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Tax File Number (TFN) is required when you start working in Australia. It’s better to get your TFN ready before you start working, why?


If you don’t have your TFN, your employer will be required by law to tax you 46.5%. And you don’t want that to happen, right? So it’s important to get your TFN settled before working.


Apply for a Medicare

Sign up to Medicare

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Medicare card is one of the most important cards that you should have because it will allow you to receive medical treatment with a discount or even for free.


To apply for a Medicare card you will need to have:

  • A valid visa
  • Passport
  • Identification showing you are enrolled in your country’s national health scheme.

For more information and instruction, you can visit the Australian government’s Medicare website.


Again, you might not enjoy your first week’s stay in Australia because of the applications that you need to fix. But after that, you’ll have plenty of time to explore and enjoy the beautiful cities in Australia. Make new friends, travel, and join activities that will help you adjust to your new home.

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