Pinoy Kid Nabs Second Place At Australian World Cube Championships

Pinoys are on a roll. Last year, Catriona Gray was crowned Miss Universe. Sometime in May, a travel blog declared the Filipino accent as the sexiest in Asia. And just last month, the same totally random survey pegged Filipinos as the third sexiest in the world.


Hey, it’s on the Internet, so it must be true, right?


Kidding aside, yet another Pinoy has given us another reason to celebrate, and he’s all of 11 years old.


What Is Speedcubing?

What Is Speedcubing_

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You’ve heard of Rubik’s cubes, right? They’re basically toys with rows of movable blocks in varying colors, and the goal is to unscramble them so that the blocks on all sides are of the same color. 


As you can imagine, unscrambling a Rubik’s cube is much harder than it looks. It’s certainly a cerebral endeavor that requires considerable mathematical and spatial skill. Heck, I’ve never done it myself, and I wouldn’t know how to begin.


And yet, there are lots of kids and kids-at-heart out there who are absolute whizzes at it. So much so that they’ve turned it into a sport. Speedcubing, you see, is a competition to solve Rubik’s cubes as quickly as possible


This year, for instance, the World Rubik’s Cube Championships took place in Melbourne, Australia, from 11-14 July. 


How An 11 Year-Old Pinoy Fared At the Last World Cube Championships

How an 11 Year-Old Pinoy Fared At the Last World Cube Championships  

The event featured not just the typical 3×3 Rubik’s cube, but also its 2×2, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, and 7×7 variations. There were also different categories for how competitors solved their Rubik’s cubes. Some involved doing so blindfolded, using just one hand, and even using the feet.


Germany’s 21 year-old Philipp Weyer bested the 3x3x3 Cube Final, but Sean Patrick Villanueva was a very close second. The 11 year-old Filipino kid had an average solving time of 6.78 seconds, a mere 0.04 seconds longer than Weyer’s. 


Furthermore, the Pinoy Rubik’s Cube whiz beat out more than 800 opponents on his way to the podium, some of whom were older and more experienced. 


“I am so happy and overwhelmed that I podiumed at Worlds! This is so crazy, I can’t believe I have reached this far in cubing,” Villanueva wrote on social media after the event. 


To watch Villanueva’s epic Rubik’s Cube performance, click here

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