On the Wings of Love: A Powerful but Relatable Tale of Love

It’s a love story that anybody working abroad can relate to.   Leah takes her chances in the US, knowing that this could be the only way that she would be able to provide for her family’s needs.   Clark is a Filipino American citizen who’s just moving along, living his life to continue supporting his siblings after their mom died.   They bumped into each other a few times, but these few instances were enough to make them hate each other’s guts.   But as Leah’s visa nears expiration, they are forced to consider the thought of getting married just so Leah can continue working in and living in the US legally.   A Relatable Tale with a Twist   Critics argue whether this is an original concept or not. Some say that it does show a hint of originality in the midst of ABS-CBN’s endless string of remakes. Some say that the story is familiar and that this is not the first time that such a story would be told.   However, both sides agree on one thing – that this is one story that puts ABS-CBN back on top of the charts.   What makes On the Wings of Love an instant hit is the fact that the characters are relatable.   Leah is just like any other Filipina with an American dream, hoping to build a better life for her family by leaving everything familiar behind. Clark, on the other hand, is just like any other Fil-Am in the US.   He knows his roots and he is familiar with this duties, but he has completely embraced American life and has little patience with anything that’s not as familiar.   The story itself is also relatable, as we have heard of countless stories of Filipinas marrying US citizens just to have a green card. After all, marrying a complete stranger legally could be better for them than being sent back home without fulfilling all of their dreams yet.   A Powerful Cast   Let’s not forget that this is one teleserye that has once again put together familiar names in the industry. With TV giants like Cherry Pie Picache, Joel Torre, and Nanette Inventor gracing the set, you can tell that this is one show that you’re not supposed to miss.   And the main characters. What a perfect choice.   Clark is played by James Reid, a Filipino-Australian actor who rose to fame when he won Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Clash in 2010. Leah is played by Nadine Lustre, a well-rounded performer who has been appearing on Philippine TV since she was a kid.   Together, JaDine has become one of the top love teams in the Philippine showbiz scene today. On the Wings of Love is their first major project with the Kapamilya network, and they both admit that they are overwhelmed that they get to work with some of the biggest names in the industry.   “It’s hard to digest and to actually realize that we have a full teleserye to ourselves,” James Reid said in a press con held earlier this year, “It’s ours so we feel a lot of pressure but we’re so excited. It’s going to be a learning experience.”

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