No Time to Cook? Try Any of AU’s Top Three Food Delivery Apps!

Imagine this. You’ve just arrived in Australia. You’re all alone, haven’t unpacked your luggage, and the stove you got off a friendly kababayanonline still hasn’t arrived. Oh, and you’re also starving. What do you do?


One option is to venture out and find something to eat. Granted, Australia has a fair spattering of Pinoy stores where you can stock up on supplies. (However, you won’t be able to do much without a stove or if your apartment hasn’t got a fridge.)


Or you can go to a restaurant. There’s always that. 


But what if you’re much too exhausted to freshen up and go out? Or if you’re not too confident about your navigating skills on alien territory? Well, fret not because there’s a third option: food delivery apps.


And since we here at RemitAU are all about public service, here are Australia’s top three food delivery apps for your instant gratification and perusal:


  1. Uber Eats.
  2. 1-Uber Eats

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    More than just a ride-sharing app, Uber has now branched out to food delivery. Thus, Uber Eats is all about delivering your cravings to your door with “uber speed.” 


    On this app, you can search by restaurant name, dish, or cuisine in your area. So, whether you’ve got a hankering for fried chicken, Chinese, or burgers, Uber Eats can bring it to you.


    Key Feature/s: The app lets you pay via your Uber account and track your rider every step of the way.


    Get it here


  3. Menulog.
  4. 2-Menulog

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    If the delivery industry was a numbers game, Menulog would come out on top. Why? Well, Australia’s widest-reaching food delivery service covers 90% of the country’s addresses. Furthermore, its 11,000-strong list of restaurants offers everything from local favorites to exotic cuisines.


    Overwhelmed? Check out the user reviews on the app to narrow your choices. As a bonus, some restaurants offer a 25% discount for first-time customers. 


    Key Feature/s: If you find the same restaurant delivering the same menu item for less within 24 hours, Menulog will credit the difference. With an additional AU$10. Wicked!


    Get it here


  5. Deliveroo.
  6. 3-Deliveroo

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    You’ve heard of Postmates, yes? Well, Deliveroo is very similar to that. 


    Like Menulog, this app gives you access to an extensive range of restaurants. Deliveroo allows you to enjoy your orders within 30 minutes, though expect to wait a bit longer if you’re ordering from a premium restaurant.


    Lastly, Deliveroo even has catering options for work functions. Now, you know where to turn when your boss asks you to organize a lunch meeting at the office.


    Key Feature/s: Qantas and Deliveroo have some sort of affiliation, so you can earn 1,000 Qantas points with your first order. Plus, you’ll receive an additional 200 Qantas points each time you use the app at least four times in one month.


    Get it here


Just to be clear, these aren’t like the meal delivery services we wrote about last year, okay? If you want healthy meal plans throughout the week or month, those are ideal.


In contrast, food delivery apps are for when you need some quick sustenance or if you’ve got a really intense craving for something in particular. Still, these aren’t exactly cheap, so be sure to use them judiciously, alright? Eating on a budget is one thing. Literally eating your budget is another.

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