New Beginning: Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Home

Ohh! Spring has come. The flowers bloom. The birds chirp in chorus. It’s this bright sunny day to give you a new perspective on life. And coupled with new perspective are new beginnings. Just like your soon-to-be cleaned dwelling place.


Yes! You heard it right! It’s the time for Spring Cleaning! *Cue gregarious fanfare* Even with the most filthy homes (I hope it’s not that bad), this is the time to let go of your inhibitions. Finally, you can give yourself a traditional excuse to have a peaceful and orderly life.


And we are here to give you a few tips on how you can properly have a clean slate this spring. Literally.


Declutter First

Declutter First

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Do you have a mountain of clothes lying everywhere? Or maybe you have too much stuff, you can’t even walk in your area. This might be an exaggeration but before you sweep and mop your hearts away, its best to declutter first.


Arrange things on the frequency of their use. Maybe segregate the ones you can use and the ones you don’t need anymore. You can even fire up James Brown’s “I Feel Good” when you’re at it.


If there are items you don’t use and will not need anytime soon, you can compile them into a container for judgment later.


Next, Prepare Your Cleaning Arsenal

Next, Prepare Your Cleaning Arsenal

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What cleaning arsenal? If you don’t have already, buy stuff that will make your house clean. Like your trusty “Walis Tambo and Dustpan”. Buy cleaning agents, microfiber cloths, disinfectants, sponges, and etc.


Put them in basket or container where it’s easy to bring when you start from room to room.


Time Attack: Clean the House, One Room at a Time

Time Attack: Clean the House, One Room at a Time

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If you have multiple rooms in your house, you have to clean it one room at a time. If you start cleaning every room altogether, you will never finish.


Set a timer per room and start with your bedroom. At the very least, your “safe place” will be clean. And the task will not overwhelm you. After all, you eat an elephant how? One bite at a time.


Check this nifty cleaning list by With the list, you can make sure to squeaky clean every nook and cranny of your house.


Rearrange, Redecorate, Repurpose

Rearrange, Redecorate, Repurpose

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Here comes the fun part! With all your daydreaming while scrubbing the floors, your inner Cinderella reflected the way you want your life to be. The newfound inner peace guided you on how to change things in your home.


Go on. Rearrange your furniture. Maybe, use those dormant feng shui skills in place. Or just plainly organize your stuff where it makes more sense (Really, TV in the laundry room??).


Remember the stuff you had piled a while ago? It is the time to judge whether it stays or not. Pick some of those items to use as decoration. Or better yet, make your own DIY project using the stuff you don’t need.


Your bank account will thank you for this.


Sell, Donate, Re-Gift

Sell, Donate, Re-Gift

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You are now done! What do you do with all the stuff left behind? My first impulse? Sell them. Try posting your stuff online. You will never know how much money is just lying around in your bedroom. I for one scraped roughly 10,000 pesos from selling stuff I don’t use and need any more (like old clothes and books).


For the remaining items, you can give a help the needy. Donate them to charity. Send them to those that might really need it.


You can also give yourself some charity by re-gifting the remaining items. Just make sure it doesn’t have a “personal” trace on it.


Have Fun Spring Cleaning!


Spring cleaning can be a fun ordeal. It not only brings extra money and cleanliness, it also gives a calm and peaceful feeling. It may only be psychological, but sometimes all we need is the grueling first step to move forward.


Cheers to this new you! Have fun!

Leandro Eclipse

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