National Museum of the Philippines’ newest exhibitions “Wave of Species”

The National Museum of Natural History announced that their newest exhibition is now on display. The “Wave of Species” has been added to the Marine Realm gallery.


The main goal of the Marine Realm gallery is to give people an idea of how “The Abyss” looks like. It has a replica of a submarine that allows people to experience boarding. The gallery also enables visitors to admire the life-size replicas of a whale shark and manta ray.

Marine Realm Gallery of National Museum

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And their newest exhibit, “Wave of Species” will give people a closer look at various sea creatures. What are their names and in which part of the Philippines can they be seen.


The museum’s exhibit on The Marine Realm takes visitors under the sea for a look at the diversity of the life aquatic in the Philippines. It shows the diversity of marine life and shows appreciation for it by being more mindful of the effects of human life on their habitat.

Wave of Species

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The “Wave of Species” is another achievement to Filipinos. It doesn’t only show the richness of marine life in our country but it also gives additional information and knowledge to every Filipino for free.

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