National Multicultural Festival 2018: What to Expect?

Care to celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity but didn’t find the Australia Day that celebratory? The world is in your favor. We have the National Multicultural Festival catered to you!


The National Multicultural Festival, with a tagline where in the world would it take you, is a 3-day festival started by the ACT Ethnics Communities Council on 1981 to revere our harmony amidst the apparent differences. This will be held at the City Centre, Canberra of February 16 – February 18.


Arguably, Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. With over 100 religions and 300 ethnic groups currently in The Land Down Under, one should expect a fusion of traditions, skills, and way of life. This Festival upholds this truth, and this is what you should expect:




For those who can’t wait to party, the festival will start with a pre-opening concert on Feb 15 (7:30 PM – 9:30 PM) featuring Baker Boy, Lucy Sugerman, Salsabor, Sarv Ensemble, Revontulet Nordic Folk Dance, Rondanihan Rondalla Ensemble, Mudrakar Kathak Dance School, and Zagr. You can book your tickets her for $20 AUD.


Jumpstart the fun on Friday High. On the festival date opening February 16, a FREE opening concert with highlight performances by Leo Sayer and Baker Boy will be held 5 PM – 11:30 PM at Stage 1 – Garema Place.


Showcases and Parades

  Showcases and Parades  

After entertaining yourself with yesterday’s melodic ensemble, experience the world with numerous showcases including the Happy Chinese New Year, the US Showcase, the Pacific Island Showcase, African Village, the Bellydance Showcase, ASEAN Village, India in the City, and the Indigenous Showcase on February 17.


Aside from this, numerous shows and parades will be held during this weekend extravaganza. I suggest you download the multicultural festival app to keep track of what’s in store for you. (IT’S TOO JAM-PACKED!)


The Food

The Food

Image Credit: b-kyu


If you ever attended a festival, you wouldn’t end the day without relishing the food! Imagine this, a sumptuous feast except it’s a fiesta prepared by the whole world! With over 300 food stalls, only God knows how many delicacies are offered.


It’s like taking a gourmet quest around the world except it’s all collected in one place. It will be a foodie’s dreamland.




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If you find yourself in a festive mood but want a subtler more serene celebration, you can still visit the Sanctuary. It will be open on Saturday and Sunday. It will still have food and drinks with mellow music and programs aimed for your relaxation.




Whether you are attending for the party, the food, or the casual escape, this festivity holds so much meaning.


The National Multicultural Festival hallmarks are unity amidst the diversity. Let us all thrive with this friendship and cooperation. And we can party all day long with a brighter Australia. Or better yet, with a brighter world. Have fun!

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