Moving to AU? Here’s What It Would Cost to Live Comfortably in Each Capital City

Now, we all know that living in Australia can be pretty pricey, but then again, most jobs here pay better than the ones back home. That’s why a lot of us migrate here in the first place, right?


Still, as with all countries, it can be cheaper to live in some cities. And since I aim to please my many (i.e., three) readers out there, here’s the lowdown on how much it would cost to live comfortably in each AU capital city.


Is Sydney the Most Expensive City to Live In?

Is Sydney the Most Expensive City to Live In_  

For the most part, yes. Sydneysiders certainly pay more than everyone else when it comes to mortgages, rent, and groceries. For instance, the average mortgage in Sydney costs AU$5,658. On the other hand, Hobart’s mortgages average around AU$2,899.


A Sydneysider’s average grocery bill (AU$417) is also significantly higher than someone residing in, say, Adelaide (AU$355).


Interestingly, however, Sydney residents spend less on utilities than Darwinians, averaging AU$181 and AU$303 monthly, respectively. If you’re looking to spend less on recreational activities, though, Adelaide is a good option. They’ve got the cheapest cinema tickets here, at AU$15 on average.


Here’s a table showing the cost of essentials across all of Australia’s capital cities. Our artist has even highlighted the most expensive cities per category: 


How Do I Save Money?

How Do I Save Money_  

You could perhaps try aiming for a regional visa first. Living in Australia’s more remote areas would be far less costly, and you could save up more comfortably there.


On the other hand, if you’ve got your heart set on Sydney or Melbourne, you could examine your living expenses every year. Check if your service providers are charging fairly, and don’t be afraid to switch if there are more cost-effective options. 


Being more mindful about your consumption helps too. Do you really need cable services if you’ve already got Netflix? Are there cheaper supermarket detergents that could do the job just as well as a branded one can? Once you start pondering these things, you’ll be able to find ways to pinch pennies. Every little bit helps in the long run.


Lastly, sure, you can probably scrimp on some things when you arrive Down Under, but barely surviving shouldn’t be your long-term goal. You probably came here in search of a better life, after all. Knowing which city can increase your chances of achieving that goal will surely be helpful. 

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