Manila Is Going Nuts Over Jollibee’s Ube Pie

So, it looks like ube’s reign as the root crop de jour won’t be coming to an end anytime soon, especially now that Jollibee’s gotten its chubby fingers into the pie, literally.


Last Monday, social media went absolutely bonkers when the fast food giant rolled out its newest product: the ube pie. What is it, you ask? Well, imagine a sticky, sweet purple yam or ube paste stuffed into a fluffy, warm pastry pocket, and then served hot and fresh for only PHP29 (AUD0.73) for a single pie and PHP82 (AUD2.08) for three.

ube pies

Image Credit: Jollibee FB page


Geez, no wonder all the millennial foodie hipsters are tripping all over themselves.


While the violet tuber has been a perennial favorite in these islands, the rest of the world has only caught on to its appeal fairly recently. These days, it’s being touted as “the new matcha” for its purported health benefits (antioxidants and fiber galore), smooth, silky texture, and its fast-growing popularity. (Coming from someplace as “exotic” as the Philippines probably adds to its appeal, but I digress).


On the other hand, Jollibee’s pies have also been frequent bestsellers, with the peach mango variant having a soft spot in the hearts of many, yours truly included, and many of the Philippines’ practicing Roman Catholics, yours truly included, looking forward to its annual limited-time offer of the legendary tuna pie every Lenten season.

Jollibee Store

Image Credit: Primer


The homegrown quick service restaurant chain had been teasing the public about the new menu item in the days leading up to the product launch. Their social media presence featured a distinctly purple color and texture in its viral posts, which many Filipinos immediately recognized as ube’s. However, most netizens were expecting the new addition to the menu to be in the form of an ice cream sundae.


Still, everyone loves pie, and Jollibee’s latest one looks like it would look and taste especially nice alongside a cup of creamy vanilla soft-serve, no?


Image Credit: Orange Magazine


As of now, this latest dessert offering is only available to customers in the Philippines, but it’s still unclear if this viral treat will be a permanent fixture or a special edition offer.


Right, see you all at the nearest Jollibee, fellas.

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