Make a Conversation More Meaningful with these Interesting Topics

Have you experienced an awkward moment wherein you’re invited to a party and the host is the only person that you knew? And since he/she is busy entertaining some of the guests, you just stand there thinking about what should you do? You wanted to start a conversation with someone but you’re too shy and don’t have any idea what to talk about.


If you’ve experienced this kind of situation, I know you don’t want it to happen again. It’s too embarrassing and a shame to not enjoy a good party, right?  So as a guide, here are some interesting and good topics that you can talk about with anyone. 


Talk about current events

Bring up a current event

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Current events is one of the common things that you can talk about with anyone. Whether it’s about sports, concerts, politics or religion we all have comments about these topics. That’s why this is a good topic to start a conversation.


Share your hobbies or interest

Share your hobbies or interest

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Talk about art, music, films, computer games, etc. Share the things that you love and be open to their comments. “I love to visit museums on weekends. It kinda keeps me inspired for the whole week.”


Talk about TV shows you’ve been watching

Talk about TV shows you've been watching

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Movies or series can help you find new friends. Talk about your favorite Netflix series and be vocal about your opinions, you’ll never know they might be also watching that series or TV show. And that conversation can lead to a whole new friendship.


Ask about the person’s background

Ask about the person's background

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Of course, it’s not good to talk only about yourself. You should also ask about their hobbies and interest, “Where are you from?”, “What do you usually do in your free time?”


Talk about Time

Talk about time

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Time is a very good topic to talk about. Once you started a good conversation and exchange your interests, you can now talk about deep topics such as time. “You know it’s weird how time flies so fast but it slows down when you’re waiting for someone.”, “I realized that time is very important especially when you grow older.”


Share your Challenges

Share your challenges

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Talking about challenges is suggested if you guys are comfortable with each other. This topic is a bit personal but you have a choice to not share all the details. But this is a good topic to ask for opinions and suggestions to help you with the challenges that you have or will encounter.


This guide might be nonsense to others. I mean, who needs guidelines in starting a conversation? Well, just so you guys know there are people out there who have problems in starting a conversation. So before we judge others, maybe it’s better if we try to understand them first.


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