LOOK: Eco Hub Cebu’s “Plantable” Pencil

A wooden pencil that came from a tree that can be planted to be another plant. Life from another life, yes, that’s what Cebu’s Eco Hub pencils are all about.


An Eco Hub in Cebu made it possible by selling pencils that contain seeds that can be planted once the pencils are used up.


Eco Hub Cebu


Eco Hub Cebu


Eco Hub offers affordable eco-friendly products so that customers won’t have to choose between affordability and sustainability.


Their products are Bamboo toothbrush, Bamboo tumbler, reusable metal straw, cutlery set, assorted seed pencil, and a wooden flash drive with a case. The good news is, you can purchase their products online!


Facebook: www.facebook.com/ecohubcebu


Order form: form.jotform.me


The “Plantable” Pencil


The Plantable Pencil


The idea of the plantable pencil was put up by Mary Rose Arnejo, a former college instructor from the Cebu Institute of Technology-University (CIT-U), in October 2018. 


Arnejo said that she first saw the plantable pencil concept from Sprout World, the first company to produce this eco-friendly product. 


These plantable pencils are regular pencils that are tipped with gelatine capsules. The capsule contains different varieties of seeds such as mint, citronella, and Sili (chili pepper). 


Where to Buy

  Where to Buy Plantable Pencils  

You can buy plantable pencils through the Eco Hub Cebu Facebook page. Buyers have the option to choose from different varieties of seeds.


Plantable pencils are also lead-free and are made from sustainable wood, graphite, and clay. Each capsule is allergen-free, gluten-free, and preservative-free.


Plantable pencils may look simple but these eco-friendly pencils made a huge step on fighting global warming and raising environmental awareness. These seeds may not have an impact today but it can surely save our children’s future.

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