List of Popular Online Scams in the Philippines and How to Avoid Them

The internet really changed the world, it made people connected to each other and made communication easier. It also made everything quick and fast whether it’s about entertainment, studies, and work the internet really did a great job.


But with these positive effects come the negative ones. Because of the people who take their chances to scam others with the help of the internet.


So, what are the popular online scams here in the Philippines? And what should you do to avoid them? Well, better look through this list for your own awareness and safety.


“Paluwagan” SCAM

“Paluwagan” SCAM

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You may or may have seen social media post of a certain person looking for someone who wants to join their “Paluwagan”. At first, it looks interesting because we’re talking about a huge amount of money here.


It Happens When: Those who are interested to make their money grow fast are the target of the scammers. They will post on social media about an announcement about a “Paluwagan” with testimonies of random people who say that this is a legit post.


By the time you join their Paluwagan, the scamming process starts. In the first round, you will receive your share and everything will go according to plan.


Since the scammers already gained your trust, the second time that you’ll join the Paluwagan, that’s the time when they’ll disappear in thin air with your money.


How to Avoid It: Do not trust people that you’ve only known from social media


FB Messenger SCAM

FB Messenger SCAM

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It Happens When: A friend will send a video link using Facebook Messenger. The message will say, “Is this you?”


First, you’ll be taken to a website outside Facebook, such as a fake Youtube channel. This website is, of course, booby-trapped with all sorts of malicious software.


Once you click on the landing page, which was set up to look like a playable video, you’ll get redirected to more websites that will enumerate your browser, operating system, and other vital information.


How to Avoid: Do not click suspicious links and do not log in your passwords to any doubtful websites.


Dating SCAM

Online Dating Scam

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It Happens When: Those people who are hoping to meet new people that they can fall in love with.


The scammers will pretend to be a beautiful girl or a handsome looking guy using photos taken from the internet.


Of course, they will talk to you for hours and days just to gain your trust.


This goes on until by the end of it all, these scammers would ask their victim to send money via Western Union, and other money transfer means.


How to Avoid It: Do not send money to whomever you are dating online, especially if you’ve never met.


Wi-Fi Hot Spot Scam


Wi-Fi Hot Spot Scam


It Happens When:  People love to connect to a free Wi-Fi connection. But sometimes, this free Wi-Fi can be risky.


It is possible that a hacker is mining your credit card or other personal information when you log on to those Wi-Fi connections.


How to Avoid It: Make sure that you’ll only use legitimate connections from a coffee shop or from the establishment.


How to Report Online Scam


How to Report Online Scam


Unfortunately, there’s no assurance that these scammers will be caught and there’s no guarantee that your money will be returned.


But for assistance, you can contact the National Bureau of Investigation:


NBI Building, Taft Avenue, Ermita,

Manila, Philippines 1000


Tel. Nos. (02) 523-8231 to 38 (Local); (+632) 523-8231 to 38 (International)


Fax Nos. (2) 526-1216, 523-7414 (Local); (+632) 526-1216, 523-7414 (International)


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