List of Documents You Can Use as Proof of Identity in Australia

The roads and Maritime Services require applicants for driver’s licence to bring with them the following identification from List 1 and List 2.


Applicants only need one from any document in List 1 and one from any document in list 2.



  LIST 1  

List 1 documents should display your full name and birthdate. Only original copies will be accepted.


Birth Certificates

  • Australian full birth certificates with parental details issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriage. Commemorative certificates are not valid unless it comes with the standard Birth Certificate. Historic Certificates from 1987 and 1988 will be accepted.

  • NSO Birth Certificate (or birth certificate from overseas registry) provided that it shows parental details. Present Birth Certificate together with passport and Australian travel document.



  • A current Australian passport. Passports expired within two years will be considered but those that are cancelled will not be accepted.

  • Current Philippine or overseas passport except those that are cancelled.


Official Travel Documents


Travel documents from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

  • Current certificate of Identity

  • Document of Identity

  • Current Titre de Voyage

  • Proof of Citizenship


Australian naturalization or citizenship document issued by the Australian Government.


Any Australian Government issued documents

  • Visa Evidence Card

  • Document for travel to Australia (up to 5 years from date of issue)

  • Evidence of Immigration Status (EIS) ImmiCard

  • Permanent Resident Evidence (PRE) ImmiCard

  • Residence Determination ImmiCard (RDI)

  • Australian Migration Status (AMS) ImmiCard


Other valid photo IDs

  • Expired (more than two but less than five years) RMS issued NSW Photo driver licence or NSW Photo Card with card number visible.

  • Photo Driver licence from another Australian state or territory (current or expired within the last two years).

  • Current Photo Identity Card for NSW Police Force. Staff and family not included.

  • Current Consulate photo Identity card from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade



  List 2  

Document from this list should display at least your family name and your first given name in full. Name in List 2 document should match name in List 1 document.


All documents should be original and not copies, certified copies will not be accepted.


Government Issued Cards

  • Current blue or green Medicare card.

  • Pensioner Concession Card.

  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs entitlement card.

  • Other entitlement card given by the government of Australia.


Documents from Financial Institutions

  • Current plastic credit card or account card showing your name and signature. The card should be issued by a bank, building security credit union, American Express, Diner Club International.

  • Passbook or account statement or letter no older than 1 year. This should be given by a bank, building security credit union, American Express, Diner Club International. Card should include:

  • Family name and first given name in full

  • Customer residential or mailing address

  • Account number or type

  • Financial institute letterhead or institute branch stamp


Utility and other bills

  • Bills for landline telephone, gas, and electricity within 12 months.

  • Water or council rates or land valuation notice not more than 12 months old.


Documents from schools and learning institutions

  • Current student photo identity card from Australian secondary school, TAFE or university. IDs should be valid within two years from date of issue unless inclusive valid dates are visible.

  • Evidence of enrolment at an Australian secondary, TAFE or University up to 12 months old. This should be printed on a letterhead, showing your name and address.


Other valid documents

  • Current Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) permit from the RMS.

  • Current RMS issued photo Firearm, Security Industry or Commercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents operator licence.

  • Current photo identity card for the Australian Defence Force. Civilian staff and family are not included.


Remember to bring with you an NSW Photo Card, your Proof of NSW Residential address, Proof of Signature or Witness Letter and your Reference Statement.

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