Do You Like Saying Thank You? Gratitude Gives Us Health Benefits!

Cheers! It is yet again the season of giving. Prepare to give and to receive gifts to and from your family and friends this Christmas Season. Ready yourself to be thankful for both your blessings and misfortunes for this year. Does it feel warm to do such? I thought so.


Do you know that practicing such gratitude all year can provide you numerous health benefits? This is even backed up by science! I’ll guide you through what you can get by being generally grateful every day.


Gratitude Improves Your Mental Health

Gratitude Improves Your Mental Health

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This should be common knowledge by now. Gratitude produces a positive outlook on life. It will help you get through the hedonic treadmill, the seemingly endless pursuit of happiness and contentment.


Life is hard. And our problems might lead us to anxiety and depression. Luckily, simple gratuity in our daily lives can help uplift our spirits. Studies have found out that such thinking will better your psychological and mental health in the long run.


“Writing a letter of gratitude can reduce feelings of hopelessness in 88% of suicidal inpatients and increased levels of optimism in 94 percent of them”, as noted by the study of Dr. Robert A. Emmons in UC Davis.


Also, this study has found out that gratitude decreases cortisol levels (the stress hormone) by 23%. Furthermore, it reduced the risk of depression for at-risk patients by 41%.


So the next time you feel extremely down, it might be worth your while to just breathe and find something to be thankful for.


Better Self-Care and Physical Health

  Better Self-Care and Physical Health  

But wait, there’s more! *Cue Infomercial Sound*


Gratitude can even directly help your physical health. Daily gratefulness can give lower blood pressure, have more glucose control, and improve immune function.


They are more likely to do health activities and to follow doctor prescribed medication (if there is any). Resulting in better overall health.


Reduces Tendency To Eat Too Much


If you are worried about “Holiday Weight Gain”, people with gratitude journals have reduced fat intake. Not an excuse for indulging so much, but surely a good perk. Watch those calories!


Makes You Sleep Better

Makes You Sleep Better

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Having difficulties in sleeping? Even if you adhere to these 7 habits to cultivate better sleep, it is not too much to find additional ways to get that elusive REM relaxing sleep.


Well, gratitude can make you sleep better! According to the study titled “Gratitude Influences Sleep through the Mechanism of Pre-sleep Cognitions”, gratitude relates to good sleep quality and sleep duration, and less sleep latency and daytime dysfunction.


It Creates New Relationships and Improves Current Relationships

  It Creates New Relationships and Improves Current Relationships  

Now we talk about our social health. By default, being genuinely nice can bag you long-lasting friendship and “close relationships”. A simple “thank you” can go a long way. It can also make your existing relationship better.


A study titled “It’s the little things: Everyday Gratitude as a Booster Shot for Romantic Relationships” suggests that being mutually grateful for your partner can lead to better overall satisfaction.


Amidst the occasional differences, this might lead you to your “forever”. Or at the very least, more happiness in your current relationship.


It Makes You More Patience (And Can Probably Help You Get Rich!)

It Makes You More Patient (And Can Probably Help You Get Rich!)

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Forget the lavish and sinister rich villain in your favorite soap operas. It is no surprise that most rich people are very patient. And with an abundance mentality and gratuity in their thoughts, it is no wonder that rich people are mostly gratuitous.


A study by Dickens, L., and DeSteno, D., stated that grateful people are most likely to be more financially patient. It gives people more self-control. An integral trait for your budgeting and investing plans.




Now, you have more reason to be grateful, not only this holidays but throughout the next years. Stay healthy this Holiday Season!

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