Learning Ways to Simplify Your Life

We all know that life can be complicated. Every day, we try our best to manage everything (from our morning routines, going to work, managing our activities,  going home, and etc.) to the point that we experience stress and anxiety.


Fortunately, we know the solution to avoid these things to happen. Here are six ways to simplify our lives and avoid any complications:


Organize Your House

Organize Your House

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Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing piles of dirty clothes on the floor, a table full of stacks of papers, and a sink full of dirty dishes. Do you think it helped you to start your day right?


Our environment affects us physically and psychologically. Having a clean and organize place can help us to feel more productive and energetic. 


Fewer items can give us a lighter feeling. Get rid of the useless things and decluttering one room at a time.


Spend Less Time on Social Media

Spend less time on social media

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An average person spends five hours a day on social media. There’s nothing wrong about social media but spending too much time on it can give us negative thoughts.


Even if we don’t admit it, social media gives us insecurities that lead to depression especially if we start comparing ourselves to others.


If you want to simplify your life, live outside social media. 


Get Rid of Bad Mental Habits

Get rid of bad mental habits

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Feeling sorry for yourself, self-pity, and dwelling on the past is just a few of the unhealthy habits that will drain your mental strength.


Whenever you catch yourself thinking negatively about life, always think of how lucky you are. Don’t count the things that you don’t have, instead count the things that you have and be thankful for it.


Somewhere around the Earth, there are people who wish to have the things that you have. So cherish it before it’s too late.


Cut out Toxic People

  Cut out toxic people  

Negative people give negative vibes. Imagine, you’re having the best day of your life and then you meet your friends for dinner. You talked about your days and how things are going well, and then one of your friends starts complaining about almost everything that happened in his work.


Then another friend of yours brought up a topic of how your high school batchmate afford to travel abroad and why is she posting everything on social media. And then everybody starts to gossip about her life.


I’m not washing my hands here but having those kinds of conversation every day can actually drag you down. Toxic people are the people who have a lot of issues on themselves, they often talk about other people’s lives simply because theirs is not interesting.


Cutting out toxic people frees up space for those who matter most in our lives.


Gain Control of your Time

Gain control of your time

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The saying, “time is gold” is truest saying that I’ve heard. Once it’s done, it’s done. No one can bring back the time.


Learn to gain control of your time and stop doing things that are wasting your precious minutes. Enjoy the small things and always live in the moment.


We always complain about how complicated life is but the funny thing is we are the one who’s making our life complicated. And believe me when I say that true happiness comes when you live a simple life.

Samantha Baluyot

Sam joined Remit this 2018. She is a Journalism graduate who loves to see the world in different point of views. Her goal in writing is to inspire her readers to have a better perspective and to live a meaningful life. She may look aloof but she’s a very friendly and a happy-go-lucky person.


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