Last Minute News! Super Blue Blood Moon to Happen Tonight!

Nothing to do this evening? Gaze upon the skies because a celestial event is about to unfold. A Super Blue Blood Moon! This literal once in a blue moon super rare event will happen just for tonight.


Wait. Super What?


I know it’s a mouthful. Just hang in there. I’ll dissect the term for you.


Let’s start with ” Super”. Supermoons are full moons that happen when the Earth and the Moon are closest to each other. It makes the moon appear larger and brighter during this time.


As for “Blue“, a blue moon is the second full moon in a month. Having a full moon is rare enough, asking for a second one in the same month? This happens once in 2.7 years.


Finally, “Blood Moon“. A Blood Moon is what the moon is called colloquially when a Lunar Eclipse transpire. This occurrence takes place when the Earth, the Moon, and the Sun are all aligned. It exudes out a reddish color thus explaining its name.

In summary, it's a trifecta in one night

Image Credit: NASA


In summary, it’s a trifecta in one night:


Super Moon = Visually Large and Bright

Blood Moon = Blood Colored

Blue Moon = Rare Full Moon


Wow! When and Where to See?!


According to PAGASA, the Super Blue Blood Moon can be seen in Philippine skies between 8:51 PM and 10:07 PM (GMT +8). The peak of the Lunar Eclipse is at 9:29 PM where the moon is at its reddest.


Assuming there will be good weather, go to a place where you can see clear skies without obstruction of buildings.


If for some reason you can’t experience it in person, you can check NASA’s website for live streaming.


How to Take Photos?

  How to Take Photos  

How to take selfies during this time might be an issue for you. Generally, the picture should be taken at high ISO levels with a decent camera.


Check this link to help you take that Instagram worthy photo.


What’s Best to Sacrifice?


Wait. Hold on.


Shame on you. Keep your butcher knives. You don’t need to slaughter anything on this event. No animals would be harmed. You’re in 2018 for God’s sake.


If you need to sacrifice anything, sacrifice your time. After all, this rare combination wouldn’t happen the next 150 years or so. I don’t know if you still have a second chance by then.

Leandro Eclipse

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