It’s a Hoax! You Still Need to Have a Visa to Visit Australia


Every once in awhile, there is an attractive hoax that circulates in the Internet. You will know what I mean if you frequently scan thru the social media platforms. This time around, bullets were fired toward the Australian Embassy as several platforms posted articles regarding the no-visa privilege between Australia and Philippines.


An alleged bilateral agreement between these said countries were created to simplify the tourism barriers. The false article went further by stating that Filipino visitors only need to present their return tickets as well as a proof of funds amounting to AUD 2,000 (about PHP 75,000). Several netizens rejoiced upon seeing this wrongful information!


The matter was immediately addressed by the Australian Embassy in the Philippines. In their official website, a statement was released. It stated:


“The Embassy is aware of a hoax/scam suggesting that visa-free options for Filipino nationals will be available from January 2017. This is a scam and potential travelers to Australia must have a valid Australian visa.”


You must read the valid instructions from the Embassy if you intend to visit to Australia as a tourist.

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Please do not fall prey to various online scams similar to this!

Anna Agoncillo

Anna is a Registered Psychometrician and a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Earning a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychological Studies, lead her to a career of writing and teaching. She is also the author of the new book entitled Psychology of Love, Money, & Life.


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