Is Social Media Stressing You Out? Here are 5 Self-Care Tips

According to a study of Mediakix, an average person will spend more than five years and four months of their lives on social media.


Social media is a very powerful tool for us to communicate instantly with our friends and family. We can share photos and videos in our timeline, share our thoughts about a certain topic, and keep in touch with our love ones in other countries for free.


But too much social media can also have a disadvantage to us. Our different opinions can cause misunderstanding and chaos, fake news are also circulating through social media that can give misleading information.


This is the time when social media becomes toxic for us. But since it will be a hard time for us to not use social media, here are 5 self-care tips to have a healthy life in the virtual world.


1. Know your Friends


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Always make sure that you know your friends on Social Media. Since it’s very easy to create an account, fake accounts are being made every day. In fact, Facebook had removed 583 million fake accounts in the first quarter of 2018, that’s a lot of fake friends!


If you don’t want to have a messy social media, you better check twice before accepting all your friend requests.


2. Avoid Negative People

2. Avoid Negative People

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Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? It is believed that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, people can bring positive or negative experiences into their life.


There are people who love to hate and rant all over social media, that sometimes reading through their post can be so stressing. I know, right? We don’t need those kinds of negativity in our lives.


Thankfully, social media created an option to remove these negative people in a polite way. You can now unfollow, mute, and hide their post without them knowing it, and I think that’s the best thing that happened in social media’s history.


3. Respect If You Want To Be Respected

  3. Respect If You Want To Be Respected  

As I have said earlier, social media can be toxic. And not giving respect is one of the common cause of chaos in the virtual world.


I know we have a lot of opinions in our minds that sometimes we want others to agree with us. This kind of situation is where respect should be.


Learn to respect others’ opinion so they’ll also respect yours. Always remember, “Do not Do unto others what you don’t want others Do unto you.” – Confucius


4. Give Yourself a Break


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Again, too much social media is not good for your mental health. Give yourself a time off, go to the beach or go on a hike. Have dinner with your friends and bond with your family, don’t be a gadget slave. Make friends on your travels and get involved in the real world.


5. Don’t Be Envious

5. Don’t Be Envious

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We post on social media because we want others to see the events that are happening in our lives. We want to share our samgyupsal experience, Instagram worthy photos, vacation trips, and many more.


And let’s all admit it, sometimes we see certain things on social media that make us feel a little bit envious. Especially if that thing is one of our desire and we know that we can’t have it.


Just remember to count the things that you have and not the things that you don’t have for you to enjoy your virtual life.

Samantha Baluyot

Sam joined Remit this 2018. She is a Journalism graduate who loves to see the world in different point of views. Her goal in writing is to inspire her readers to have a better perspective and to live a meaningful life. She may look aloof but she’s a very friendly and a happy-go-lucky person.


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