Is It Possible to Convert your PH Driver’s License to AU Driver’s License?

Most Filipinos living in Australia are frequently asking questions about how they can convert their PH driver’s license to AU driver’s license. Most of them are Filipinos who are planning to settle in Australia and are currently preparing all the paperwork to avoid any delays.


So, is it possible to use and convert your PH driver’s license? Unfortunately, you can’t convert your PH driver’s license AU driver’s license but you can somehow use it for your first three months.


 How to get your Philippine driver’s license equivalent in New South Wales?

How to Get Your Philippine Driver’s Licence Equivalent in New South Wales

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According to an article, holding a valid Philippines driver’s license may get you an equivalent license in NSW. As long as you are a permanent Australian resident or a permanent visa holder you can drive on the roads of NSW using your Philippine license for 3 months max.


After 3 months, you need to apply for an NSW driver’s license at the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS). If you need more information, kindly click here.


Another thing that you can do is to apply for a Philippine International driving permit that you can use is some states of Australia.


Can I drive in Australia with a foreign license?

Can I drive in Australia with a foreign license

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Australia has different driving laws when it comes to using an overseas license. It depends on states’ law whether you’re allowed to use your foreign license. But generally, you’re allowed to drive in Australian with your overseas driver’s license if you’re a temporary visitor.


If your license isn’t written in English, you need to carry an International driving permit or a formal English translation.


Applying for AU Driver’s license

Applying for AU Driver’s license

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If you really need to drive, you can simply apply for an AU driver’s license. And if you’ll be staying in Australia for good, it’s better to apply for an AU driver’s license. 


You don’t have to worry about the procedures because you can now follow these four easy steps in getting your AU driver’s license.


Australia’s Road Rules

Australia’s Road Rules

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Of course, road rules are different from other countries. And in Australia, they have strict road rules compared to the Philippines.


If you’re planning to drive in Australia, make yourself fully informed about their dos and don’ts.


For example, Australia has road rules on littering, bringing your pet, blaring your horn for no valid reason, etc. If you need some guidance on what are the road rules in Australia, click here.


Owning a driver’s license is a huge responsibility. That’s why most countries are being strict on the release of their driver’s license. Applying for a driver’s license may take some time and lots of paperwork but it’s for everyone’s safety.


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