iRemit Now Brings Fast and Secure Remittances through POLi Payments

Sending money has never been easier considering the number of options that you have. Banks now offer online services to help their clients complete their transactions in an easier manner. Wire transfers are more efficient than ever, thanks to the technology that these companies now have access to.  

No matter how convenient these options are however, there will always be someone who aims to do better.


That’s where POLi Payments comes in.


A Quick Background


POLi Payments, an Australia Post company, started in 2004. Their main goal? To innovate the way people from Australia and New Zealand paid for goods and services, as well as send money to their friends. And looking at their track record so far, it looks like they’re doing a great job in fulfilling their promise.


Allowing you to pay everything from Skype credits to plane tickets, POLi Payments makes sure that you complete the transaction the fastest way possible. It also allows you to send your payment from any bank in AU and NZ, making it even more convenient for every kind of user. And yes, the service is absolutely free.


Safety and Security in a Snap


Is POLi secure? Of course it is! That’s actually one huge advantage that POLi has. Usernames and passwords are never saved in their system, which means that there is no relevant information that could give other people access to your accounts.

  Safety and Security in a Snap  

Just look at the huge names that they work with and you’ll see how trusted the name POLi is in Australia and New Zealand. From Pepperstone, the biggest Forex broker in the country, to Ladbrokes, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world, their continued patronage should be more than enough assurance of their commitment to security.


Other industry giants who continue to put their trust on POLi Payments are Qantas, Jetstar, Air Asia and Virgin Australia.


Why iRemit Chose POLi Payments


Because of the huge convenience that POLi Payments offers, iRemit to the Philippines now accepts remittances from any bank account through POLi Payments. We share the same vision in offering the most efficient and secure way to send money to anybody in the Philippines This is why iRemit clients can now experience the same level of service that POLi’s biggest clients also enjoy and come back to over and over again. — at no additional cost.

  Poliremit and iRemit

Just choose POLi Payments on your iRemit form when sending money abroad. From here, you will be redirected to POLi Payments’ secure portal, allowing you to access your bank account without any worries. Expect a seamless process from hereon, with your transaction completed in no time.


With this new agreement, iRemit brings your remittance experience to a whole new level. We bring you an even faster and better service just when you thought things couldn’t get any easier than what you’ve always been used to.

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