Interesting Facts About The Award-Winning Lerida Estate


Designed by the renowned Australian architect Glenn Murcutt, Lerida Estate stands out from the rest. It boasts not only a spectacular building but also a wide array of wines that suit all budgets and tastes.


On that note, here are the 5 Interesting Facts About The Award-Winning Lerida Estate:


1. It Spans For Nearly Two Decades

It Spans For Nearly Two Decades  

The legacy of the Lerida Estate spans for nearly two decades as it emerged in 1997. Jim Lumbers and Anne Caine carefully selected the pastures on the Lake George Range due to its viticultural and tourism potentials. They began by planting 19.6 acres of vines that follow this distribution:

  • 9.6 acres of Pinot Noir

  • 3 acres of Pinot Gris

  • 2.4 acres of Chardonnay

  • 1.6 acres of Shiraz

  • 1.7 acres of Merlot

  • 0.5 acres of Cabernet Franc

  • 0.8 acres of Viognier

2. Its Name Is Historical


The Lerida Estate is located at the base of Lake George Range’s steep slope. There is a story behind the conception of its unique name.


Major Thomas Mitchell, a Scottish-born surveyor and explorer of Southeast Australia, first gave the name Lerida to the Lake George region. Do you have any idea why he named it “Lerida”? I am giving you a few seconds to think.

Sir Thomas Livingstone Mitchell

Image Credit: DavidReilly


He came up with this name as the creek near to Lake George reminded him of Lérida, a mountainous province in Spain.


3.  It All Started With Pinot Noir


Have you ever loved something deeply that you cannot get enough of it? That is the magic of Pinot Noir to Jim Lumbers. The product of his longstanding passion with this grape was manifested in the Lerida Estate.

  It All Started With Pinot Noir  

Although Pinot Noir alone is an outstanding grape variety, Jim and Anne realized that it is not enough to run the business (at least in Australia). This is why they produced a myriad of red and white wines ranging from “casual” wines to “premier” wines. They carry Merlot, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Shiraz, Viognier, and Cabernet Franc.


4. It Won Numerous Awards


With Lerida Estate’s commitment to bring exceptional wines, it was recognized with several medals and awards since 2000. The list includes winning in the International Cool Climate Wine Show 2016, Melbourne International Wine Competition 2016, Australian Highlands Wine Show 2015, and Mondial des Pinots Switzerland 2015.

  It Won Numerous Awards  

View the extensive list of recognitions at


5. It Was Designed A Distinguished Australian Architect


Choosing distinguished Australian architect Glenn Marcus Murcutt to curate the winery was one of the best choices that Jim and Anna made.


Glenn Marcus Murcutt was the winner of the 1992 Alvar Aalto Medal, 2002 Pritzker Architecture Prize, and 2009 AIA Gold Medal. His talent shined in the local scene as he was the founding president of the Australian Architecture Association. He was also recognized in the international scene as an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, the American Institute of Architects, and the Finnish Association of Architects.


Eager to get your very own bottle by Lerida Estate’s winery?

  Sample cool climate wines, buy bottles from the cellar door, or have some delivered to your doorstep by using the information below.  

Visitor’s Information


Location: Federal Highway, Lake George, New South Wales, Australia, 2581

Operating Hours: 10am – 5pm except Christmas Day and Good Friday

Contact: 02 6295 6640


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