Indulge Your Sweet Tooth at Haigh’s Chocolate Factory


Once upon a time, there was a magical substance that was by turns rich, sweet, and creamy (and sometimes a tad bitter, if that’s your thing). Anyone who took a bite of the stuff would find themselves feeling soothed, happy, and even a little bit in love. It was so powerful that a certain boy with a lightning-shaped scar was given some as a cure after a flock of hooded creatures left him feeling melancholy and depressed.


The ancients called it “Theobroma” or “food of the gods.”


We simply call it “chocolate.”


As far as comfort food goes, you can’t really do better than chocolate. Just a few bites off your favorite chocolate bar can certainly take the edge off a long, stressful day, so can you just imagine how it would feel like to be surrounded by tons of nothing but the good stuff?

Classic High Chocolate

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At Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, you can do more than just imagine it: you can actually experience it.


Haigh’s Chocolate is the oldest family-owned chocolate maker in Australia. It was established by Alfred E. Haigh back in 1915. Haigh’s chocolates proved to be so popular with Australians that the first ever shop on the Beehive Corner in Rundle Mall still operates today. The fourth generation of the Haigh family now runs the company, making use of chocolate manufacturing techniques gleaned from the famous Lindt & Sprungli factory in Switzerland.


Just five minutes away from the city centre on Adelaide’s Greenhill Road is Haigh’s Chocolate Factory, and this is where you can watch the magic happen. The free 20-minute tour takes you around the facility and your capable guides will show you how the bitter cocoa bean becomes the sweet chocolatey treat beloved by everyone. You will also get to witness an entire team of artisans and confectioners creating and finishing an eye-catching and mouthwatering range of chocolates that have been delighting Australians for ages.


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And of course, any chocolate factory tour would be incomplete without a tasting. At Haigh’s, a sampling of the brand’s special chocolates awaits visitors at the end of each tour. Complimentary coffee or tea is also provided to refresh the palate between tastings (so you can better taste all that yummy chocolate!), and in some cases, you might even be offered seconds (if that happens, don’t get shy)!


Once the tour is finished, don’t leave just yet. Pay a visit to the Visitor Centre’s retail store and stock up on pasalubongs like chocolate frogs, truffles, fudge bars, and fruit centres. I hear the orange slices covered in dark chocolate are ridiculously addictive. Go ahead and hoard a few boxes just in case you decide to keep the treats to yourself.


Should you want to include a tour of this charming place in your itinerary, be sure to book ahead as it’s highly popular with locals and tourists alike, so the slots can fill up pretty quickly. You can submit a booking request either by calling (08) 8372 7070 or through the online booking form here.


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Someone from the company will be in touch with you within two working days to confirm if your request is successful. Once they do, be sure to make room in your stomach (and your budget) as you’ll soon find yourself face to face with enough chocolates to drive away all the dementors from Azkaban.

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