Incredible One-Day Hikes in Australia That Will Recharge Your Mind and Soul

2018 is a Hiking year for Filipinos. If you have a family or friends in the Philippines, you must have scrolled through their Facebook profile and saw their hiking photos in different mountains with fascinating views.


But worry less because even if you’re in Australia, you can still experience hiking trips that will definitely fit on your day off. So pack your bags and get yourself ready for fresher air and stunning views. Recharge yourself and get close to nature with these one-day hikes!


Bluff Knoll, Stirling Range National Park, WA

Hiker look towards Bluff Knoll on The Stirling Range ridge top walk near Albany, Western Australia

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Time: 3-4 hours

Distance: 6 km


Bluff Knoll is one of the most popular hiking trails in Western Australia. It is formed more than 1,000 million years ago and reaches up to 1,095m above sea level.


If you choose to hike in Bluff Knoll, you’ll have the chance to spot various wildflowers, bird species, and reptiles along the way. And of course, this grade 4 trail offers spectacular sceneries for you to admire.  


*This trek is suitable to hikers with an average level of fitness.*


Dove Lake Circuit, Tasmania

Dove Lake Circuit, Tasmania

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Time: 2 hours

Distance: 5.6 km


Dove Lake Circuit offers an age-friendly environment. It will take you to marvelous sights around Dove Lake and beneath the towering spires of Cradle Mountain.


Since it’s a grade 2 trail, families come here often to enjoy nature and to have a little adventure. Majority of its tracks are a flat boardwalk and one short moderate hill.


If you’re planning to celebrate a family day with your kids and surround yourselves with nature, Dove Lake Circuit is the place for you!


Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Northern Territory

Kings Canyon Rim Walk, Northern Territory

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Time: 3-4 hours

Distance: 6 km


The Rim Walk around Kings Canyon is located at the Western end of the George Gill Range.


You can choose between two different tracks: 2km Kings Creek Walk on the creek bed or the 6 km Rim Walk.


If you’re planning to travel here, you should prepare yourself and bring a lot of water because of the heat especially if you’re planning to go there in summer.


Wineglass Bay And Hazards Beach Circuit, Tasmania


Time: 4-5 hours

Distance: 12 km


The Wineglass Bay and Hazard Beach Circuit are located at Freycinet National Park. It is very popular for its breathtaking view that will make you feel relaxed and appreciate nature more.


After the hike, you can unwind and enjoy the beautiful view of landscapes and seascapes. You can also have a little side trip and have a dip in Hazards Beach.

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