Increase Your Confidence to Live the Life You Want


Confidence, in its sincerest form, is knowing what your value is and what you are great at. It has various benefits to the course of your life. It may even land you your dream job in Australia.


For starters, it improves your chances during dating. People are more attracted to other individuals that convey a confident smile. Also, it translates to more promotions. It comes as no surprise that there was a correlation between confidence levels and success in the workplace. All these scenarios were backed by Science.


These benefits ignite the importance of cultivating one’s confidence. If you are lacking in this dimension, let me help you by enumerating simple ways to boost your confidence. The first step is to determine what life you desire. Figure out whether you want to travel Asia or to be promoted at your current position. Research showed that people were more likely to achieve their positively-stated goals rather than the negatively-stated goals. So, list down your goals in a pleasant light. Knowing that you have direction can increase your confidence.

Image Credit: Shutterstock

Image Credit: Shutterstock

The second step is to calculate your decisions. Self-confidence is built by accomplishment. You will get a sense of accomplishment by breaking down a goal into small chunks. When you are analyzing a goal, you are considering the resources and risks in every position. This will help you to control your surroundings.


Aside from the second step, you must prepare for each “small” action. As Arthur Ashe once said: “One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” Preparation for public speaking can make someone anxious. However, you will get the hang of things if you rewrite the speech over and over again. Learning the words by heart can make you seem calm on stage.


The last step applies to the performance itself. Your nonverbal cues may be to blame if you are regularly being overlooked for a raise or ignored in other areas of your life. Non-verbal cues include posture, pitch, eye contact, and other positions that play a role in your effectiveness or lack thereof.

Confident Mindset

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Envision a conference room. To gain power in a heated meeting, take some space. Find an excuse to stand up and walk around. You may also exude power while sitting. “Hold your arms out in front of you on your desk with your fingertips touching. Once you begin talking you can still keep your arms in that position on your lap under the table…”, says Cara Hale Alter. Cara is the President of a communication training company called resident of SpeechSkills.


These are the steps that you can actively take in order to boost your confidence. As you can imagine, you cannot just earn it overnight. Work for it diligently and reap the results.

Anna Agoncillo

Anna is a Registered Psychometrician and a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Earning a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychological Studies, lead her to a career of writing and teaching. She is also the author of the new book entitled Psychology of Love, Money, & Life.


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