Important Things To Know Before Dating An Australian


After living in the Outback for a few months, you realized that it is time to build new friendships and open yourself to the idea of finding someone to love. As a Filipino or Filipina, there can be some cultural differences between the Philippines’ and Australia’s system of relationships. Despite these said differences, love conquers all.


I cannot blame you!

  How can you not want to commit with an Australian when majority of them (91%) would marry for love? Furthermore, 26% of Aussie men compared to 13% of Aussie women are interested in finding a long-term partner.  

So if you really desire to be with an Aussie, this article will help you know about the essential things and unspoken rules in Australian dating.


It is important to note that these items are speaking in general terms based on statistics, expert opinion, and vicarious experiences. You may have a contrasting experience when it comes to dating but that is primarily because people’s personalities are unique.


You have to love the great outdoors


Australia has some of the world’s diverse natural environments with picturesque landscapes, distinctive wildlife, rich national parks and World Heritage Areas. That said, it is no secret that most Aussies adore being outdoors. Some may prefer jogging on the parks, riding bikes, or going for hikes.


If you are dating an Aussie, you must know how to handle outdoor activities without whining in every step of the way.


You have to get to know each other first


Similar to our Filipino custom, most of Aussie relationships do not immediately start after the first date. You will typically have to do “couple-like” activities (e.g., meeting at work for lunch or going out on group hangouts) that are probably not formal dates yet. From there, if you both seem to have a chemistry, you will start to see each other more often.


I personally prefer this encounter as it gives you more room to deeply know the other person first before deciding to go steady.


You have to understand the slangs


For Aussies, long words do not seem to get a hold of their speech. For instance, instead of saying afternoon they will say “arvo”. And if your date says that you will be having “Spag bol and Chicken Schnitty” for dinner, he or she just means that there will be delicious plates of Spaghetti Bolognese and Chicken Schnitzel. “Darl” is short for darling and “sus” is short for suspicious. The list just goes on.


Worry not about knowing all these slangs as you will absorb it in the course of your relationship. In return, you can teach your lover what “kilig” or “astig” means.


You have to pay for some bills


It is a norm for Filipino gentlemen to always pay for the bill during dates. However, that is not the case in Australia. Whoever suggested the date should at least offer to pay first. Also, it is becoming more common to split the bill on dates especially if you are both students or just starting out with your jobs.


The reality is, everybody experiences some sort of financial issue and we must do our part to lighten the situation. In fact, 40% of Australian couples who were surveyed in 2008 stated that the pressures of financial problems affect their relationships.


You have to be connected


With the ever so pervasive power of the Internet, you can find a potential match with just a click of a hand. Acclaimed Sociologist Sue Malta (from Melbourne’s Swinburne University) shares that the world seems smaller now with the rise of digital dating. Many of us are all about finding love in the global sense.

  being connected  

To illustrate, 4 in 10 Australians used modern technology to form significant relationships in their lives. Furthermore, there are more Aussies with Facebook accounts than without. They can sometimes use their accounts to get a background about the person before they begin dating.


To our advantage, Facebook and other social platforms are very much popular in our motherland. Use these platforms to break the ice or to provide a tool for continuous communication. You can also date online by becoming a member of the “Best Australian Dating Sites“.

Anna Agoncillo

Anna is a Registered Psychometrician and a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Earning a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychological Studies, lead her to a career of writing and teaching. She is also the author of the new book entitled Psychology of Love, Money, & Life.


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