If Moms are Comic Book Superheroes

  Who is the first person you call when you get in trouble or you feel scared, or lonely or just out of it?   Our moms raised us, stood up for us, protected us and pushed us to become better individuals they knew we could be.   They are superheroes with extraordinary powers. They would probably put some super aliens and mutants out there pale in comparison.   These are the most common superhero powers of a typical mom, some may have one dominant power, some may have two or three, but clearly, all of them have some of this and that inside them.  

Superhuman senses

  A Mother seems to have the keenest sense especially when it comes to her children and the household. Her ears prick up at the slightest cry of a baby, her nose pick up the sweaty stench of us coming in after playing in the sun for hours, she can spot if we’ve been crying or telling a lie and she can cook our favourite meals spot on every time.   Superhuman senses   The most skilled and experienced mother usually have their superhuman senses work not only in domestic situations, she carries it with her to work and in every other situation.  

Quick-witted and ingenious

  May be it is the age gap or moms just have something to say about almost everything all the time. Sometimes it may be a silly superstition but sometimes it is also just great advice. As they say in the Philippines, “papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako.” Which basically means, “been there, done that so listen to me so you don’t have to do the same thing.”   Quick-witted and ingenious   Pray, do listen because if you don’t you know she’s going to nag. But it’s really just because they care for us so much. They nag us about our eating habits, our shabby clothes, spending habits, love life (or lack thereof) among other things. And you bet you’ll hear about those things over again until she thinks you finally listened and did something about it.   They are also ingenious. They can pretty much whip everything whether it be for a school project or a broken toy to a missing ingredient for a family dinner. If they do not have one of the powers listed here, they would probably do a DIY of it, MAcGyver style.  

Laser eyes

  Well, maybe not like Cyclops’ ability to burn you down with one look but hey, we all know that look our mothers give us. Might as well melt if you don’t get what that look means cause you all know what may happen next if “di ka makuha sa tingin” (which roughly means “better get what I mean by looking at my eyes.”)  

Superhuman speed

  superhuman speed   With all the chores she needs to accomplish at home and at work (plus school stuff if she has joined the PTA), mothers seem to have a hidden superhuman speed. How else can she accomplish all of those?  

Superhuman durability and endurance

  She also have superhuman durability and endurance to do everything she needs done. It is amazing that our moms have the stamina to keep on going.   Not to mention the fact that motherhood begins with pregnancy – that’s 9 months of supporting and carrying another human life in her womb, a baby can even weigh almost half her own weight. And that’s just the start, because nothing can ever prepare anyone for childbirth. Labor can go on for hours – even days for some.   And. It. Is. So. Pain. Full.   But like every mother will say, IT IS SO WORTH IT.   Even if one’s life is at risk of losing their own life in giving birth, for moms, it is a price they are willing to take if it means it will give their child a fighting chance.  

Telepathy and omniscience

  Another amazing power moms have is the ability to know what you are thinking before we even say anything. They seem to be able to read our minds and know when we need allowance or need some kind of help. She can tell when we are sad or excited or when we are in love and broken hearted (again).   You can never really keep a secret from them for so long and even if you try, somehow when you reveal your secret it seems like she already knew.  

Shape Shifting

  Moms do not really change their appearance per se, but she is as good as a chameleon. Mothers have multiple roles in a day – a mom, a wife, a daughter, an employee/employer, a friend and many more. But it seems that no matter how many roles they take, they excel at it almost all the time. Add the fact that they do all of these things not just for themselves or for their own dreams but because of their love for their children and family.   Super Strength and Invulnerability (almost)   All moms I know are super strong and they will do everything to give the best for their children. Their love is their strength, they can put all about themselves on hold for their child. Whatever lifestyle or career she may have had before will be altered by the coming of a baby. The moment a woman becomes a mom, there is no turning back. No return, no exchange.   Super Strength and Invulnerability   Mothers are also our shield, our shock absorber – and no one can ever comfort us the way our mothers can. She is invulnerable and you know that she can tolerate every pain and injury against her but not against you. She may act cool and full of wisdom-y things to say but deep inside she wants to flip over hell to look for the person that made you bawl.   She is the strongest person you’ll ever meet but her invulnerability has a kryptonite, you. As much as their children are their source of strength, it may also be their weakness. Disrespect, abandonment and unloving actions by their children are some of the things that can tear their hearts apart.  

Healing factor

  Good thing, moms also know how to heal fast. A simple sorry and maybe a hug or a kiss can melt all the pain and put things right again.   Our mother’s love is so real and unconditional that it believes in us and quickly forgives. Her love is so strong it can be passed by a mom to her daughter and then to her granddaughter. A love that knows no injury, a love that sacrifices, and makes everything better. It is a love that can be felt by generations to come, as if immortal and without end.   Our moms are superheroes hiding behind their ordinary clothes, never asking for recognition but always deserving of our gratitude and affection.   Mothers are just like us, they get moody, they laugh and joke around, they dream of the same dreams as everybody does. Motherhood transformed them into stronger individuals who are fierce protectors, wise counsels, and our best confidante.   Like a real superhero they truly are, they will go leaps and bounds to make you happy. However, they too feel sadness and pain. Our moms are a huge part of who we are as a person. What would we be if not for her?   iRemit to the Philippines salutes all mothers for their unconditional love, immeasurable sacrifice and all the little things that goes unnoticed but are part of our daily life. For the superhero in our lives, thank you and we love you!   Happy Mother’s Day!
Rica J

I am a mother, a wife and a technology loving Filipina who loves reading hi-fiction books (dragons!) , good stories, dancing, laughter, lying on the grass and eating balut. I am born and raised in the Philippines and now resides in Australia but finds myself in the Philippines for at least 3 months a year. I am part of the Filipino Australian Community and have been living between Australia and the Philippines since 2007.


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