Hug an Australian Day: Hug Your Favorite Australian Friend on April 26!

Cheers Mate! Here comes another day to celebrate every Australian-born with “Hug an Australian Day!”


What is this?!


Yes! This is an actual thing. Not to be confused with Australia Day, “Hug an Australian Day” happens every April 26 of the year. Give out those Koala Bear Hugs this Thursday.


It’s an actual copyrighted event by Thomas and Ruth Roy of alongside their quirky holidays like “Answer Your Cat’s Question Day” and “No Socks Day”.


The actual origin of the celebration is unknown. But do we have to have a reason to give out love? I don’t think so.


But, Why Should We Do This?

But, Why Should We Do This?

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For those with haphephobia (fear of getting touched), you might absolutely need a reason to hug somebody. Unfortunately, there is no one single dramatic reason to hug an Australian. In fact, we have multiple reasons to do so.


For those who fought with Australia during the First World War, ANZAC day (which happens on the 25th by the way) might be enough to hug an Australian. You have fought side-by-side. And expressing your love with a hug can certainly commemorate that.


For those who can’t relate, how about the enjoyment of your WiFI? Did you know that the team led by John O’Sullivan (An Australian!) invented our ubiquitous now wireless Internet connection? If it hadn’t for this Australian born, we would be still be lugging wires everywhere.


If that’s not enough, James Harrison (a Scottish-Australian born) invented modern refrigeration. Who do you thank for that frozen meat and perfectly chilled wines? We are to thank them for our sumptuous meals every day (with a hug!).


Furthermore, the world famous “Selfie” was invented by an Australian man. How would you call your friends’ self-portraits? Without the Australian’s knack for inventing words, I wouldn’t know too.


And to top it all off, Australians are the best “mates” you can find! They are so friendly and laid back. Who wouldn’t want to hang out with them? They truly deserve that hug.


So How Do You Celebrate?

  So How Do You Celebrate?  

If you know any Australians, you can start by simply hugging them. Give out the warmest hug you can. Let them feel your thankfulness for their friendship. (A kangaroo or koala plushie is a plus.)


If you’re at home, you can blast Kylie Minogue and Iggy Azalea’s music to salute their contributions to the industry. Relish Australian music as the day progresses.


Movie night? Watch Crocodile Dundee or other movies by esteemed Australian actors like Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman, and many more. Better with your mates as you have a newfound appreciation for Australian show business.


If by chance you are in Australia, you have a great excuse to do a Hug-a-thon. Go hug friendly faces. And to boot, you might even get travel discounts and offers for your stay.


For what it’s worth, you don’t need to put a grand gesture to celebrate. Just one hug at a time will do. In this somewhat cruel world, You’ll never know. You might need one too.


Happy Hug an Australian Day!

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