How to Surf With the Aussie Waves

One of the most picturesque and exhilarating experiences that you can encounter with is braving the Australian waves. Upon moving to the “Land Down Under”, be amazed with the world-class waves and stunning beaches.


These waves originated from different oceans. The West is from the Indian Ocean, the east is from the Pacific Ocean, and the South is from the Southern Ocean. Combining these together will create a healthy diversity that surf enthusiasts will truly enjoy!


Determine Where to Surf


Australia boasts with an impressive coastline that spans about 50,000 kilometers. It opens your eyes to unimaginable beaches, inlets, and bays. This is why some of the elite surfers across the globe travel regularly to Australia to take advantage of its premier waves. Speaking of world-class waves, here are some of the best spots that you must frequent:


a. Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Image Credit: Byron 4 Kids


New South Wales’ Byron Bay is a haven for surfing enthusiasts. Its most popular spot is “The Pass” at the end of Clarkes Beach. You can easily avoid the crowd as you can observe the picturesque bay from the surfer’s lookout.


b. Bells Beach

  Bells Beach  

Bells Beach is ever so present in the catalogue of the top surfing spots in Australia. This iconic beach in Victoria is renowned for its potent swells among the natural background of red clay cliffs. While you are here, you may visit the nearby coastal spot called Winkipop. Many locals claim that the waves in Winkipop is more superior than in Bells Beach.


c. Gold Coast


Image Credit: Mike Robertson


Instead of handpicking a specific spot, the entire Gold Coast area is a gem. It offers a myriad of superb beaches that you can chooser from. There is the Duranbah and Kirra as well as Rainbow Bay Beach and Snapper Rocks. With these beaches, it is easy to realize why some of the elite surfers dub Gold Coast as “home”.


Know the Basics of Surfing


The Internet is a treasure trove of resources about surfing. Beginners may read informative articles or watch simple tutorials about the fundamentals of this discipline.


Start out with ease by knowing some of these basic tips that can help you accumulate your experience:


The video’s surfing expert, Mr. Gabriel Rodriguez, shared that learning and mastering the art of surfing takes time. Be motivated to move forward despite the previous hardships that you faced.


Learn How to Surf Like a Pro


No matter how old you are, you can absorb the skill to learn how to surf. Enroll in one of the registered surfings schools to support your online research.


Surfing Australia website is affiliated to over a hundred of surfing schools across the country. It is designed to help you locate the nearest and most competent school in your area.


Begin your surfing journey by using this free tool today!


I covered the places where it is best to surf, the basics of surfing, and the surfing schools that you can enrol in. May this article provide you a holistic guide to the art and discipline of surfing!

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