How to Send Money Online in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Login to your Remit Account

For existing Remit Customers Please login in here.

For first time customers please register here.

Step 2: Tell us who you want to remit the money to

You can enter a new recipient details.

You can select from your existing recipient details list.

Step 3: Pay using secured payment option

Pay securely online using your Australian bank

acount. We are with POLi Payments to ensure seamless and easy payment.

And your done!

The money is now on it’s way to your chosen recipient.

Ideal for OFW, freelancers and businesses.

Watch our video to discover how to send money anywhere


You will learn:


1. How to register as a customer.

2. How to add and save recipient details.

3. How to add save remittance instruction.

4. How to pay online using any Australian bank accounts via a secure payment gateway.

5. How to complete a transaction.

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