How to Make Your Online Relationship Last


Maintaining a happy relationship is a challenging task for most people. Being in an online relationship (i.e., a form of long distance relationships), can add another layer of stress. Imagine missing a huge element of the dating process – physical touch.


Fortunately, there are plenty of stories showing how online relationships can succeed. Here are some of the premium tips to keep you steering on the right path:


Invest on Constant Communication

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One of the most important tools to survive any relationship is communication. In long distance relationships such as yours, constant communication is crucial to compensate for the lack of physical interactions.


Worry not about the hassle of keeping up with your Aussie partner as modern technology highlights on convenience and accessibility. It is easy to talk to another person from the other side of the world by using social media, video conferences, and texting platforms.


Adapt with the differences in time zones by scheduling your conversations. It is okay if you do not have anything meaningful to say as simple reminders (e.g., “I love you!” or “You can do it.”) will go a long way. Waking up to the melody of your own voice by dropping a voice message is another way to send your love.


Share Common Beliefs


The Internet is a goldmine of inspiring stories whereby numerous Filipinas happily ended up with foreign men. See for yourself! I, for one, read several stories of Australian men who did not have to go to the Philippines to meet their future wives. They simply participated in online dating websites. For instance, successful stories at shared that the strength of their relationships relied on common religious beliefs.


An online relationship may last longer if you share similar beliefs and perspectives with your lover. Filipinas generally value the sanctity of marriage. Seek out a partner who values this as much as you.


Spend Time for Fun


Spend Time for Fun


A significant hurdle that long-distance couples have to surpass is the lack of dating options. It is challenging to get to know someone without the face-to-face dating options such as eating at a coffee shop, playing at a nearby arcade, or watching movies at a cinema. However, you must not give up.


It is possible to ignite a quality time together by playing an online game that you both find entertaining. There are lots of real-time multiplayer games such as Dota 2 and League of Legends. Competitive couples will definitely have a fun time with arena-based PvP games. And if you are not much of a gamer, you may try your skills at social game apps such as Words with Friends and Pictionary.


Do Something Different

Do Something Different

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Overwhelming excitement and inevitable nervousness mark the early stage of a relationship. Some people call it the “honeymoon phase” as it is the period where problems are either ignored or denied. With a long list of reasons your relationship can fall out, you must consciously hold on to the initial enthusiasm that you had for your partner. Do so by pouring hints of spontaneity.


Whether you are in an online relationship or not, surprises can put a smile on your partner’s face. Start by sending romantic emails or e-cards when he or she least expects it (e.g., during lunch breaks or before going to work). Then, you may do something as grand as a surprise visit.


Talk About Your Future


When you drag your online relationship too long without discussing about your future plans, one of you may look for someone else who is more serious. It is good to look forward to the joyful days where you get to see each other. It is good to look forward to a brighter future ahead where both of you live in the same city. Having a concrete path to attain helps you to know whether the relationship is worth the time.


If your goal is to experience a lasting commitment with each other then, you need to decide where the relationship is going.


Much like any other relationships, you need pour conscious effort for the bond to last. Choose to stay with your partner every single day. Remember that it takes two dedicated people for a long-term relationship to exist.

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