How to Get Your Philippine Driver’s Licence Equivalent in New South Wales

Do you own a driver’s licence in the Philippines and want to have an NSW driver’s licence?


NSW follows 7 stages before you can be given a full driver’s licence and it can take at least 3-4 years.


Thankfully, holding a Philippines driver’s licence may get you an equivalent licence in NSW. If you are decided to permanently live in NSW, and you are a permanent Australian resident or a permanent visa holder you can drive on the roads of NSW using your Philippine license for 3 months max.


After 3 months, you need to apply for an NSW driver’s licence at the Roads and Maritime Service (RMS). The registry main office is located at Level 9, 101 Miller St. North Sydney NSW 2060. Multiple registry and service centres are available in different areas in NSW, you may search for one nearest you using this link.


You can apply for your licence equivalent by passing required tests. You will then be issued a licence parallel and in line with the NSW Graduated Licensing scheme.


Here is a list of the NSW equivalent for overseas drivers:


Philippine Driver’s Licence

(length of time driving)

Corresponding NSW Licence

Current learner

Learner Driver Licence

Less than 12 months

Provisional P1 driver licence (red licence)

More than 12 months, less than 3 years

Provisional P2 licence (green licence)

More than 3 years

Unrestricted driver licence


The registry advises anyone to call 13 22 13 or visit their office for advice about equivalency.


Do brush up on your driving and road safety knowledge by reading available manuals, familiarizing yourself with the tests and practice driving with some of your qualified mates to make sure you pass different tests in one take.


Once you are ready, apply for your licence in person and bring the following:


1. Your Philippine Driver’s Licence


Bring your driver’s licence or a letter from the Land Transportation Office (LTO), consulate or diplomatic office stating your licence details and status.


2. Proof of identity and residential address


Provide two original documents or IDs that show your name and birthdate. A list of accepted documents and IDs are listed here.


If none of your documents show your NSW address, provide one of the following:

  • Current certificate of registration issued by Roads and Maritime Service (RMS)

  • Licence or registration renewal notice from RMS.

  • Contract of Sale or Lease agreement or a rental receipt up to two years old.


On the event that you do not have any of these, you may ask someone who has known you for at least a year and holds an unrestricted NSW licence to write a Reference Statement.


In addition, one of your IDs should show your signature. If it doesn’t, you need a statement from your employer, bank manager, school principal or parent or guardian that they have witnessed your signature. Complete the Witness to Applicant’s Signature for this purpose.


Documents not in English should be translated by the Multicultural NSW or if you are eligible, you may use the Free Translating Service by the Department of Social Services (DSS).


3. Proof of Australian Permanent Residency


To prove your permanent residency, RMS will accept the following documents:

  • Australian full birth certificate

  • BDM photo Birth Card

  • Australian Passport

  • Certificate of Australian Citizenship

  • Australian Naturalisation Document

  • Certificate of Aboriginality

  • Certificate of Evidence of Residency Status

  • Permanent Resident Evidence (PRE) ImmiCard

  • Current ID document from Australian Passport Office

  • Current Australian Defence Force photo ID

  • Overseas passport or travel document which includes a valid Australian permanent residency visa


4. Licence Application Form


Complete the application form and submit to RMS together with other required documents.


5. Eye sight test


An eye sight test is necessary before you apply or renew your licence in NSW.


For class C and R licences, an eyesight test is mandatory every 10 years. Those who are 45 years old should have the said test every 5 years while 75 year olds are required to have their eye sight check every year.


Inform the RMS if you are required by an optometrist or ophthalmologist to wear glasses or contact lenses while driving or on specific circumstances. RMS will then add proper conditions on your licence.


To know more about the eyesight standard, you may download the Assessing Fitness to Drive file here or visit Austroads website for updates and to purchase the book at $25.


6. Knowledge Test and Driving Test


Unfortunately, the Philippines does not belong to the list of countries exempted from taking the tests.


7. Licence fee


Fees vary depending on your level:




Learner Licence


Replacement Learner Licence


P1 Licence


P2 Licence


Replacement Licence (P1 and P2)



Other related fees




Handbook and logbook

$13 (inc GST)

Replacement learner Driver Log Book

$16 (inc GST)

Driver Knowledge Test

$43/ attempt

Driving Test

$54 (inc GST) / attempt

Hazard Perception Test

$43 / attempt

Driver Qualification Test

$43/ attempt

How Much is a 5 Year License in NSW

Customer type Issue Renewal Replacement
No NSW driver licence 5 years: $55
10 years: $98
5 years: $55
10 years: $98
Applying for
Photo Card at the
same time as applying for NSW
driver licence
5 years: $5
10 years: $5
5 years: $5
10 years: $5
Holder of a NSW
driver licence
applying for a Photo Card at
another time
5 years: $14
10 years: $14
5 years: $14
10 years: $14

Source: NSW Government


Getting your own licence is such an exciting time but remember to deal only with RMS. Other groups that claim to help you with your licence and car registration are not legal in NSW.


So know that you know what to expect, prepare all needed documents, review traffic and road safety rules and apply for your licence today.


Best of luck!

Candice C

Candice is a school teacher and a mother, She loves writing about practical guides and of course, parenting advice.

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