How To Find Odd Or Unique Jobs In Australia


One of the challenges that a Filipino immigrant can face in Australia is finding a stable employment. You are not only limited by the characteristics and skills that you possess but also by the country’s economy. Not to mention, there are some barriers that foreign workers must overcome.


Many applicants are vying for positions that take few into account. As a result, other people look for alternative ways to earn money. An option for you is to work with unorthodox jobs. Here are five odd or unique jobs that you can find in Australia:


Mystery Shopper


People who are constantly around me will know that I adore shopping (within my means). Whether I am shopping for others or shopping for myself, the activity elicits euphoric (joyful) feelings inside. You can imagine my surprise to discover that Mystery Shopping exists in Australia.


Mystery shoppers are paid by the marketing departments to visit their stores and pose as casual consumers to gather substantial information about the stores’ prices, display, service, and customer service. They are tasked to report about their experiences as they try the services and products offered by the company. Also, you will usually be reimbursed for anything you bought.


Look for nearby “Mystery Shopping” gigs at One ad that seeks to find mystery shoppers in Colac pays about AU$45. Not bad, right?


Focus Group Participant


Another type of position that involves researching is the Focus Group Participant (FGP). Focus group discussion is a tool used in qualitative research in order to gain a deeper understanding about the target market and the social trends. It is typically used in advertising and marketing studies as well as in the realm of social studies. A credible website that offers jobs as FGPs is Airtasker.

Focus Group Participant

Image Credit: AirTasker

Airtasker is an Australian startup that has attracted over 200,000 clients since its launch in 2011.With this exceptional background, Airtasker takes pride in its secure payment services, free posting, and insurance coverage. FGPs at Airtasker can receive about AU$60-140 per person.  

Flyer Distributor


If you are looking for a seemingly easy job that needs little amount of brainpower, consider becoming a flyer distributor. Your job description is enclosed in the name itself. Flyer distributors are synonymous to Pamphlet, Leaflet, Letterbox, and Catalogue distributors. A job like this can be found at SEEK and Airtasker.


SEEK is one of Australia’s comprehensive job website, which grants its users access to jobs across the land. What separates it from other job sites is that it allows you to take control of your privacy. The users are able to select from 3 privacy settings and stay in control of who sees their profiles. It also alerts them about the latest job opportunities in the market. Here is a link to the list of flyer distributor gigs:



  Believe it or not, it is possible to “laze” around the house and get paid for it. This job is called house-sitting. House-sitters occupy a property to provide security and maintenance while the owners are not around. Living rent-free comes with a price of keeping the trespassers away from the property, taking care of the owners’ pets, readdressing important mails, and making sure that everything runs smoothly.  

Be a house-sitter by checking out the vacancies at Airtasker.


iPhone 7 Line Up


The much-awaited iPhone 7 is expected to reach the land down under on September 8, 2016. As the previous trends suggest, crazed fanatics all over the world will go above and beyond just to get their hands on the latest iPhone. Queues are expected to be long and tedious. Fortunately, you can offer your services as a “Line Up”.


A Line Up is a person who will wait in line during the iPhone 7 launch. Jobs like this are available at Airtasker. You may also consider posting an ad at Gumtree to attract people to avail your quirky service.

iPhone 7 Line Up

Image Credit: InsideTheApp

For OFWs who are having a difficulty in finding a steady employment, consider applying for a series of odd jobs until you figure out which occupation suits you the most.

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