How to Find a Job in Australia

Congratulations on your visa!


Now that you can finally breathe after months of anticipation and anxiety for your visa decision it is time to look for a job.


Even before arriving in Australia, there is a lot to busy yourself with like researching, preparing documents and searching for a job.


It is always a smart move to research about the industry where your skills are relevant.


Find out about different organizations, agencies and registering bodies if any. What experiences and qualifications do companies usually look for in each applicant?


Also, you can search for which states are looking for your skill.


In addition, learn about the general job market and the country’s work culture.


After finding out about as much as you can, it is time to prepare your documents.


Ask your current and/or previous company for a certificate of employment. Let them know that they might receive calls or emails from Australia to confirm what you claimed.


Review and revise your resume. Australian resumes may be different from what you are used to in the Philippines.


It will also serve you well to start an online profile with Linkedin. Network connections are important in Australia’s recruitment process.

volunteer job in Australia

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If you can, get a paid job offer before coming to Australia. However, if it is not possible you can always do some volunteer work to get an Australian job experience before getting paid work.


You can add the voluntary experience in your resume – and you don’t need to put that it was a volunteer job. You just need to show that you have experience working in Australia.


If you want to look for jobs you can always search for them through different sources like:


Online Job Search Engines


Like almost everywhere else in the world, the Internet has replaced every traditional media including job ads.


Check ads from the Internet, you may even be able to get a sponsorship or a great deal with an employer.


Some of the popular sites are and




Daily and weekly newspapers still have job advertisements. You can find open positions advertised in The Australian – Australia’s main national newspaper.


Other states and regions have their own newspaper for employment classifieds as well.


Recruitment Agencies


It can be worthwhile to send your resume or CV to different recruiting agencies. They can pair you up with the right employer or company in the state or region that you wish.


Not all recruitment agency are the same, some specializes only on certain industries so look for agencies that caters to your skill.


Recruitment agencies receive a lot of resumes and CVs so try to call them and get someone’s email for follow up or set an appointment. They also offer consulting services to help you with your resume, job opportunities, and wage rates.


You might want to try Recruitment and Consulting Services Association they have a wide scope of interest fields and they cover all of Australia and even New Zealand.


Professional and Trade Associations


Most professions and trades in Australia are registered bodies. These organizations or “peak bodies’ provide its members “networking opportunities, business advice and support, training and education on behalf of the industry or profession they represent.”


It is, therefore, a great idea to seek help and search for jobs with these organizations.


Other Channels


Be alert in looking for expos that are going to happen around your local so you can take advantage of them. Lots of companies join expos to recruit so attending an expo can really boost your application to hundreds of different companies in one day.


Community networks


Never underestimate the power of the community you belong in. If you have family and/or friends in the area you can ask them to help you find jobs or refer you to their employers or their friends’ employers’ and/or companies.


If your area has a strong Filipino community, seek help from them to help you find work.


Not all jobs in Australia are posted on classifieds, some small to medium businesses do not advertise vacancies in the internet or newspapers. Naturally, there are more applicants for those advertised and competition may be stiff.


You really have to do some legwork and networking during your first few months in Australia until you land a job.


Studies reveal that it takes at least two years before you get a job position similar to what you had in your home country


Remember, to be successful in your job hunt, widen your social network and do not be afraid to take volunteering or odd jobs while waiting for your dream job.

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