How to Buy Second-hand Cars in Sydney, NSW


Looking for pre-loved wheels? Are you looking for a safe and reliable secondhand car that will cost you less than a brand new car?


Worry no more, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to help you buy a used car that will keep you in your budget!


Before you buy a used car

Before you buy a used car

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First of all, do not rush. I know that you’re a little bit excited but take your time and do your research about different models, and consider the following:

  • Your budget
  • Your needs
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Insurance costs
  • Environment
  • Dealer
  • Regulations

Private Vendor

How to Buy Second-hand Cars in Sydney, NSW - Private Vendor

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If you decided to buy from a private vendor, for instance from car sales or the Trading Post:

  1. Check the red book. What’s the market value of the car you’re looking at?
  2. Arrange for a mechanical inspection of the car. Is the car safe to drive? Or does it need any expensive repairs?
  3. REVS check and vehicle history check.
  4. See the vendor’s identification and get a receipt.


How to Buy Second-hand Cars in Sydney, NSW - Dealer

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Buying from a dealer can cost you more than buying privately but even so, it has a lot of advantages to consider.

When you buy a second-hand car from a dealer:

  • They must guarantee there’s no money owing on the car.
  • They usually have to display a form on the car’s dashboard or windscreen that provides some basic information, such as the year of manufacture, odometer reading, and warranty details.
  • You can have a great deal and can trade-in your old car.


How to Buy Second-hand Cars in Sydney, NSW - Auction

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Buying a second-hand car from an auction is kinda risky especially if you have no idea about car parts. Auctions vary from state to state so you’d need to check with the auction house about warranty and money owing.


The downside is that you usually can’t arrange for an inspection or even a test drive and you’ll be relying purely on visual checks.


Register Your Car

How to Buy Second-hand Cars in Sydney, NSW - Register Your Car

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Now, if you already bought your “new” second-hand car, it’s time to register it. Within 14 days you’ll need to go to the RTA to register the car in your name.


You’ll need:

  1. A “green slip”, compulsory third party insurance. If you’re buying from a dealer, you should expect them to arrange it for you. A private vendor will give you theirs. 
  2. If the registration is due, you may need a “pink slip”, an inspection report you can get from most mechanics or car dealers.
  3. Registration from the RTA as per the link above. 

Buying second-hand cars can take a lot of time. You need to look thoroughly and inspect closely. It may need a lot of effort but keep in mind that your safety is the deal here. If you’re too lazy to inspect then you might end up paying for an old car and a hospital bill.

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