How to Answer the Daunting Student Visa Interview Questions

The act of perfecting the answers to the questions posed by the immigration officer (via over-the-phone or face-to-face discussion) can be nerve-racking for most international students. Counting down the days to the significant interview can create anxiety. This is why it is important to be sufficiently prepared for it.


For starters, you have to create a concise answer as to why you want to study in Australia. Here are some tips to help you conquer the student visa interview:


Determine the Purpose

Determine the Purpose

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The main purpose of the interview is to identify whether you are genuinely capable student with sufficient funds to cover your stay in Australia. Your authenticity will be backed up by similar academic background, by credible proof of assets, and by your previous work experience. It is important that all of these are congruent with your desired area of study.


Be prepared to show your financial situation through bank statements, credit history, investment shares, semi-liquid assets, and so on. Questions revolving money include how you are going to fund your education, who is sponsoring your education, and what your parents do for a living.


Exude Confidence


In its humblest form, confidence is knowing what your worth is and what you are good at. It has various benefits to the course of your life. It may even help you attain your dream school in Australia. Your nerves during the interview can play against you.


If you are lacking in this dimension, let me help you by enumerating simple ways to boost your confidence. Start by practicing the “Power Pose” to project confidence through your body language. Afterwards, list down your goals for this interview. Knowing that you have direction can increase your confidence. As a last resort, you may consult a counselor to guide you throughout the process.


Prepare a List

Prepare a List

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Whenever I am up for a job interview, I make it a point to rehearse my answers to at least 10 of the most common questions. Do the same for the student visa interview. Anticipate the possible queries and rehearse your answers well. You may record a video of yourself to pinpoint your flaws in posture and other nonverbal cues.


Here are some of the questions that you shall prepare for:


a. Why did you choose this course?

b. Why do you prefer to take this course in Australia instead of in the Philippines?

c. Do you have sufficient funds to cover your entire school fees?

d. Do you plan to work in Australia after studying?

e. What is your IELTS score?


Australia is undeniably one of the best countries for higher education. Upon careful consideration, you decided to apply for a student visa. It is important to be honest during the interview. Highlight why you have chosen Australia and why you are a suitable candidate. Good luck!

Anna Agoncillo

Anna is a Registered Psychometrician and a graduate of Cardiff Metropolitan University, United Kingdom. Earning a bachelor's degree with honors in Psychological Studies, lead her to a career of writing and teaching. She is also the author of the new book entitled Psychology of Love, Money, & Life.


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