How Modern Parents should Raise their Kids to be Better Leaders

Behind great leaders are great parents. Successful leaders are often molded by their families, their homes were their very first training ground and their parents were their first mentors. But in our generation, raising a kid is one of a hell struggle. Since change is inevitable and the technology that surrounds us is growing rapidly, ways of raising a kid are also affected.


As I have observed, modern parents are very techie that they expose their kids to technology even at a very young age, that sometimes it builds an invisible wall between them.


With this modern practice of parenting, there is also a possibility that your child can experience anxiety and depression as they grow older.


So how should you raise your kids effectively for them to be better leaders? Here are 5 ways to guide modern parents in raising their kids:


1. Teach Your Kids to Be Emotionally Open

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In a parent-child relationship, communication is very important. As your kid grows, you should teach them that it’s OK to open up their feelings especially to you.  Whether it’s a positive or a negative thought, make them feel that you’re always there to listen and understand them.


A healthy communication can create a strong bond and trust between parent-child relationship that will reflect on your kids as they grow, remember, a good leader should have good communication skill to avoid misunderstanding.


2. Always Believe in Their Abilities


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Every child has a special skill that will develop as he/she grows. Whether it’s about extracurricular activities or academic performances, you should always, I mean ALWAYS believe in them. Believing in your child’s ability gives a huge impact on their personality and can boost their self-esteem. Once they feel that someone believes in them, they will also believe in themselves.


3. Encourage Them to Participate


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Encouraging your kids to participate in your community can shape their perspective in life. Let your kids play in the park and NOT with a tablet computer, for them to meet new people face-to-face. You can also accompany your kids to participate in any volunteer work in your community for them to develop teamwork, cooperation, and real leadership skills.


4. What You Give Is What You Get


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“Like parent, like child” have you ever heard this phrase before? Well, I do. Every time I do something similar to what my parents do, my relatives will always say that we are very alike. That’s why I consider this very important, modern parents should know that everything that you do will always reflect on your kids. If you want your kids to be a better leader, be a better parent. Guide them to stay on the right path and influence them to do good.


5. Make Sure That You’ll Always Have Their Backs


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Being a parent doesn’t end when your child grew up, being a parent is lifetime obligation. That’s why you have to assure that you’re always there for them. On their happiest day to their loneliest day, always be there. Be happy for their successes and comfort them in their failures. These are the things your child needs, for them to become a better person who can lead and inspire others in the future.


Behind a successful man, there is a parent who loved him unconditionally. Parenting is the toughest job in the world, there are no manuals or dry run for it. There’s always a room for mistakes and improvements, there’s also struggles and misunderstanding but I’m sure that these are all worth it.


Last tip, if you want your child to be a good leader, be the leader you want your child to be.

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