How Brands Can Gain Trust in the Philippines

Are you thinking of expanding your business in the Philippines?


If so, you might want to know how your brand can gain the trust of the Filipino market.


The Filipino market tends to be loyal to brands that have been around for a long time although a different study shows that 7 out of 10 Filipinos are also open to trying new products. Fair warning, most of that number may still try a product developed by a trusted brand so if you are a new brand you have to play your cards right.


Word of Mouth


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According to a 2015 Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey, a whopping 91% of Filipinos trust products that are recommended through word of mouth. This means that a huge chunk of the population trust what their parents, relatives, and friends say about a product or a brand.


So introducing a new brand may be intimidating and challenging. On the upside, if yours becomes a trusted brand in the Philippines and you deliver consistently, you’d probably stay there for generations to come.


In addition, word of mouth does not only happen within the intimate circles, but a Filipino consumer also gathers recommendation in editorial content, branded websites and consumer opinions online. This means you can take advantage of review sites and forums to help market your product or brand.


Although advertising by word of mouth is free, advertising online can get “the quickest and most viral result” according to Stuart Jamieson the managing director of Nielsen Philippines. However, be careful of breaking the trust of your brand advocates or their glowing recommendations might easily turn into negative comments.


Traditional media


Consumers from the Philippines are still heavily dependent on traditional media to get information about new products. In fact, 75% of Filipinos rely on TV compared to just 63% of consumers from other countries. Newspaper and magazine adverts come in on 2nd and 3rd.

Traditional media

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However, brands seen on TV get more action (actual purchase) from viewers compared to newspaper and magazines.


Still, to add more impact, it is important to utilize multiple platforms in advertising products and getting your brand out.


Consider placing ads in traditional media if you have the budget. Advertising with trusted celebrities is still something that local advertisers use in the country. The brand somehow sticks with the image of the celebrity, therefore, giving the brand more recall.


New media


Happily, new media is also starting to gain some credibility among consumers. IF you do not have the budget for traditional media, this may be the place for you.

New Media

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It is important, however, to know the right kind of online advertisement. The Nielsen Survey revealed that 59% of Filipinos say they completely or at least somewhat trust ads in social media while 53% trust advertisements in search engines and 49% for online banners.


56% are enticed by online videos although they are more likely to take action or to buy a product on videos formatted as an advertisement.


In short, put your ads in places like Facebook and invest in video advertisements to place in video sites such as Youtube.


Instant access


Again, although brands with television advertisements gain more trust in the Philippines, this does not mean that online advertisement is fruitless.


For those brands that are low on trust radar, consumers still consider purchasing if the product is easily accessible. They like adverts that only need a click to be directed onto a website where consumers can purchase and read more about the product or brand.




A word of advice, whether you choose to place your ads in traditional or new forms of media, it is important to make just the right kind of ad for the Filipino taste. Filipinos feel affiliation towards brands they can identify and connect with. This can be achieve using themes such as family, health, values, and humour.


Recently, Reader’s Digest gave the SM Group a platinum award for the most trusted brand in the Philippines while the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. or PLDT received a Gold award.


These two brands, although not perfect, gained the trust of the public. One reason is simply because they have been around for such a long time. In addition, they gained the trust of the public by delivering quality products and services, being consistently relatable, transparent and accountable.


Bringing or starting a business in the Philippines may be intimidating if you think about the brands that are already established in the country but again, consumers here is one of the most curious when it comes to trying new products.


Go ahead and introduce your business with a splash, just make sure to consistently deliver quality products and services – who knows, you may actually gain the loyalty of the Filipino market.


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