House Of Hancock

The drama revolves around the controversial lives of Rose Lacson, a Filipina housekeeper turned socialite thru marriage with the iron ore magnate and then richest man [in Australia] Lang Hancock. Given their 39-year age difference, the affair sparked a scandalous uproar in the reserved town of 1985 Perth.


The TV show explores the aftermath of Lang’s death. The debacle of lawsuits filed by Gina Rinehart, the daughter of Lang, against her stepmother allegedly hastening the death of her father. To add more enmity, after just three months of being widowed, Rose remarried with her husband’s long-time friend, William Porteous. With ensuing hate against her alleged gold-digging stepmother, Gina planned to blame her father’s death to Rose, which significantly curtailed the widow’s share in the deceased’ estate in a decade-long legal battle.

Real Rose with Lang Hancock

Rose Lacson with Lang Hancock in Photo (Source: Channel 9)


The writers filled in some gaps of the story to bring light to the motivation of each character. The fictional depiction of these personalities involved led to a lawsuit by Gina against Nine Network. Gina argued that the portrayal of the characters is “misleading”; and cannot be “true-to-life”. On February 24, 2017, the legal action ended with Nine Network’s published apology and the stoppage of any post-release of the series on any media.


This was certainly an interesting sneak-peak to the lives of one of the most affluent families of Australia. But given the circumstances, it is close to nil to find the series online. If you are lucky to record a copy from the broadcast, savor the glimpse of the scandalous lives inside the “House of Hancock”.

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