Hiring Process Culture in Australia

Every country has a different culture and setup. Whether it’s about lifestyle, education, business, laws, etc. each country varies in its own ways.


Just like in Australia, when people migrate down under they need to adjust and understand the culture of their new home. You need to make new friends, familiarize all the places, and get used to the weather. Of course, you also need to look for a new job that will suit your skills and personality.


And since we’re already talking about new jobs, here, we gathered all the frequently asked questions about the hiring process in Australia that can help you with your future job hunting.


Interview Tips

Interview Tips

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According to the PinoyAU forum, most of the time, job interviews in Australia are conducted via Skype, phone calls, and face-to-face. Once you’ve submitted your resume, expect a phone call and always be ready for a call interview.


Almost 80% of job interviews are conducted by headhunters. For instance, avoid saying madam and sir during your interview especially if the interviewer introduces their name. As much as possible, address them with their preferred names.


How long is the process until they come up with the decision?

How long is the process until they come up with the decision

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After your interview, it’s time to wait for the decision if you’re hired or not.


The hiring process in Australia usually has a due date when the application will be closed. After that, you will be notified via phone call for your final interview face-to-face (usually panel interview).


If you’re hired, they will notify you within the day or less than a week.


Resume Tips

Resume Tips

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Your resume says a lot about you. It is the reflection of your skills and personality in a piece of paper. Imagine, hundreds of resume from hundreds of applicants will be submitted along with yours, what can you do to make it stand out?

  • Know what to put on your resume. Most of the headhunters don’t want reading your skills under your work experience. What they want to see on the first page is like this information: Skills – Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert) – Year of Experience
  • If you will send your resume online, it should contain the keywords from the Job description of the postings online. Since there are hundreds of applicants, most of the headhunters search resume through keywords.
  • Prepare your Visa grant letter and attach it to your resume
  • Lastly, keep everything short and make a summary of your skills.

Seeking for a job is a tough obligation when we enter adulthood. There are many competitors in the real world but don’t let that hinder you from reaching through your goals.


As the saying goes, ‘Everything is hard before it is easy’ — Goethe J.W.

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